The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings – How to Kill The Operator (Simple / No Cheats)

The simplest way to kill the Operator without using mods or cheats. This is what I did when I beat him on Hard Mode.

Biggest Tip

After trying for a day to beat him with just dodging, spells, bombs, and swords, I caved and started using traps.

Using the Fury trap, I was able to beat him on the third try. If you don’t know what the Fury trap does, it causes enemies to attack each other, so basically those overpowered, broken gargoyles started to smash each other instead of me. It’s hilarious how much easier the Operator becomes when you use Fury.

Why the Fury Trap is So Good

Fury isn’t just great because it neuters the Gargoyles, it also neuters the Operator himself . How?

Well, I noticed that when the Operator casts his fireballs in front of the Fury traps that have been activated, the trap EATS the fireballs. So because I laid them all over the floor, 90% of his fireballs were absorbed. Neat!

I used just 12 Fury traps to beat him, but you may need more depending on your abilities/skill/build/luck.

General Strat

  1. Fight starts, dodge first fireball, Aard, quick strike then hard strike (he was at half health after this)
  2. Set fury trap down, gargoyles turn on each other
  3. Set more fury traps, kill gargoyles when feasible (back stabs)
  4. QS and HS on operator while his shield is down
  5. Rinse and Repeat until his health is low
  6. Finish him with Ignii (Idk why, but he still had a shield at this point despite no gargoyles so melee was out of the question)

Other Tips

  • Unsheathe as soon as the fight starts loading (2-3 seconds of black screen for me) so you can dodge and counter ASAP.
  • Ignii is especially potent, it does damage even when he has the shield on and can incinerate.
  • When he is on fire, he can’t cast any spells (but might still have the shield). So I just kept barbecuing the bastard.
  • Try to keep Quen up at all times, but the focus should be on attacking The Operator whenever possible.
  • Aard-ing the Operator also works even when he has a shield on.
  • Getting the Armor of Ysgith or Vran Armor first might help. Because I went Mage, I had the Ysgith on.
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