The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – All Brothels Location

That’s one of the most important thing that you want to try in The Witcher 3. There are a number of women that can be wooed into a night of passion.

All Brothels Location

Passiflora – Novigrad

Their service costs 40 crowns and is awarded with four experience points.

Three girls are available in Passiflora – Viola, Narcissa and Amrynn.

Crippled Kate’s – Novigrad

Their service costs 20 crowns and is awarded with two experience points.

Four girls are available in Crippled Kate’s – Bertha, Mercia, Suzy and Sweet Nettie.

The Belles of Beauclair – Toussaint

Their service costs 20 crowns

Three girls are available in Belles of Beauclair – Madeleine and Two Unnamed Courtesans.

Useful Tips for New Players

  • You can customize HUD and map view by quite a bit. After you familiarize yourself with game, check ingame options, and options in map view.
  • If you leveled too much and enemies feel too squishy, there’s gameplay option to scale weak enemies to your level.
  • Unlocked skills need to be placed into skill slot on right to work.
  • Places of power give you free skill point, if you hold interaction button.
  • If you’re overleveled for quest, you’ll recieve less XP.
  • Hexing people with Axii sign in dialogues gives extra XP.
  • Quen shield usually shatters after just 1 hit, but will absorb all damage from it. Useful against hard-hitting oponents.
  • Bestiary contains info on how to deal with more tricky monsters.
  • Silver healthbar means monster – use silver sword. Red healthbar means things killable with steel.
  • Crossbow causes flying monsters to drop on ground, useful if they’re too far away to reach them with Aard. It’s also the only weapon you can use underwater. Standard bolts never run out
  • Enemies with shield can be stunned with Aard or Axii. You can also counter them. If their stamina bar is empty, they’ll drop shield on strong attack.
  • You can roll under arrows and crossbow bolts.
  • Potions are permanent items. After they run out of “charges”, you refill them rather than make new one.
  • You refill potions during meditation, at price of one bottle of strong alchohol.
  • Always buy alchemical recipies, even if you have no interest in potion.
  • Message board will add ? in map view, marking undiscovered locations this way.
  • Messages starting new quests are usually marked with a seal.
  • Always check merchants in newly reached villages for alchemical recipies and treasure maps
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