The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Beating Sasha Tips

One strategy I used to Beat Sasha.

Starting Setup

In case anyone needs advice, I’ve devised a way that allowed me to beat Sasha.

Sasha is rocking a bottomless spy deck that consists of spies and healers to bring back those spies that makes her cards never end.

The strategy to beat her is to cut her off from her source of power.

Let her spies die on your side of the field so she can’t resurrect them. Don’t give her any of your own spies because she also has endless decoy cards to steal your spies and then she boosts her endless hand even more. Don’t use your healers to res her spies either.

To Win:

I’ve removed all spies from my own deck, except one hero type spy who cannot be stolen by a decoy card and cannot be resurrected.

I used Northern Deck.

I placed two scorch cards, two decoys and three cards to boost morale into my deck. No ill weather effect cards.

Foltest clear weather as the Leader, so, I don’t waste space in my hand on clear weather cards.

Round 1

Allow Sasha to play her spies to her heart’s content. Nilfgaard spies have a weakness of having a high attack power.

Her spies gave me +9, +7, +4 in the close combat line (x2 = 40 points).

I first played my own spy card (got lucky to draw it in the original hand). Then I added my own close ranged units.

Use the horn. Morale boost on the close combat line. (I played her three rounds first – this was my 4th game – and never saw her use frost. But if she did, I have my leader.)

She surrendered the point. Irony being, her own spies gave me the main points.

Northern deck special ability activated and gave me one more card.

I started with ten cards, I ended the round with ten cards and won a point, but she had whooping thirteen cards. (I’m bad at remembering numbers, so, don’t hold me to the exact count. Anyway both hands had a high number of cards.)

Round 2

Focus on bleeding her deck.

She doesn’t have the luxury to pass before I do since she’s a point down and to guarantee her win she’s using her strong cards.

I looked at all the powerful cards in my hand that could be used in combinations and reserved them for the third round.

I only played loose cards that weren’t going to give me lots of points in the last round.

Waste time as much as possible. Use scorch to burn her field and make her use healers. Play a loose card, use decoy to take it back, play it again. The computer doesn’t have the ability to call this specific bluff when you’re wasting their good cards.

She really didn’t want to give up her spy strategy and used her leader’s ability to nick her spy out of my graveyard. That’s the last of the spies she ever received since she instantly used it and I was planning to throw this round.

Pass. She gets a point.

Round 3

Duke it out.

Can’t recall the exact number, something like me 7 cards and her 9, but one useless clear weather for her.

Nobody is getting any hand boosts. I shoved all her spies into a casket and nailed the lid shut.

Massive siege offensive backed by Foltest on my behalf.

I had the combo of two +8 catapults that double their points when played together. Used them last in case of scorch.

Morale boost.

Both parties went into 80+ points territory. I ran out of the cards first, so, it kinda was a bum clench to see which card she’ll use last.

I beat her by a narrow margin.

Going to give myself a pat on the back here. If the North was as good at fighting Nilfgaard as I play Gwent, Temeria would rule the south.

Anyway, hope this idea helps.

Other strategy: It’s tempting to go the other direction to outspy her. I tried it in my second and third attempts. I’m pretty sure the computer cheats and uses over the limit of the magical cards allowed, plus like ten decoys. I placed three decoys in my inventory and went maximum good deck cards and maximum spies myself. She could take with decoys all of my spies and all of her spies back that were previously stolen by me, plus she used scorch, weather debuffs and clear weather.

I’ve heard other players winning this route too, but it didn’t work for me, just went into the endless cycle of spy ressing, longest fight ever.

Hope you found this useful. Good luck beating Sasha!

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