The Witch’s House MV – All Endings Guide

A guide to get all endings and all variations of them.

Good Ending

To get the most basic ending of the game, play on any difficulty mode. When you get to the end of the game, during the final chase scene, leave the house immediately. 

You’ll know you did it right if you get a credits roll, as this ending is the only one that plays a credits roll.

True Ending

You can get the true ending of the game on any difficulty mode (I have not tested it out on easy, but I believe this works on easy. If someone knows otherwise, please let me know.)

During the final chase scene of the game, do not head for the front door of the house like you would in the “Good” ending. Instead, go to the room where you got the teddy bear on the first floor at the start of the game. In the top right, examine the cabinet. If you do, you will get the item “Ellen’s Knife.”

This item is the only requirement to get the true ending, and it’s only accessible during the final chase scene of the game. If you examine it any earlier than that, it will just tell you to return to the cabinet when the house is back to normal. AKA, during the final chase scene of the game.

It can be tricky to get this item and leave the room, since the one chasing you may catch you. I moved into the room, moved to the bottom right in front of the presents, waited for the person chasing me to get close, then ran up and examined the cabinet. This should keep the person chasing you behind you, rather than them going in front of you and killing you after you get the knife.

After all that, just go out the front door of the house like you would in the “Good” Ending. 

You’ll know you did it right when the ending cut scene has changed to have Viola talking rather than staying silent the entire time. If you got this ending on extra, the dialogue will be extended a bit both in the middle of the cut scene and at the end of it.

Blank Ending

To get this ending, you have to start a new game on any difficulty (I have not tested it on Extra, but I believe it should still work. Still, considering the amount of time it takes to get this ending, I recommend just doing this one on normal.) Then, on the first screen of the game, stand still for one hour. As in real time. Do not budge an inch. Leave the game window open. Do not have a different window active, the game is a hog and wants attention for this ending. Just set a timer for 59 minutes once the game starts, leave the window open, and come back to it after 59 minutes.

If you did it right, then when an hour has passed, the screen will change. This will happen suddenly and without warning, so be sure to have set the timer for 59 minutes or you’ll miss the mini scene of the environment changing. It’s not a hugely important scene or anything, so if you don’t care for seeing it, feel free to skip it.

You’ll be in the middle of a narrow path in the woods, and your only option is to move down. Keep moving down and you’ll leave, thus getting the ending.

Personally, my computer fell asleep while doing this. I moved the mouse and my computer woke back up. Moving the mouse did not reset the hour. 

Secret Ending

To get this ending, play the game on normal. I have not tested this ending on extra, but I did test it on easy. This ending is impossible to get on easy, but it is possible on normal. (I can’t even imagine trying to get this ending on extra, but if someone has managed to do it, please let me know.)

To get this ending, you have to play the game without EVER talking to the black cat a single time. There exists a wiki guide that claims you can save at the black cat in the “no distractions” hallway if you do not read the note warning you to ignore all distractions. However, this is NOT TRUE. Perhaps it works in the original Witch’s House, but in this MV version, I saved at that black cat, never talked to any other black cat, and failed to get the ending. Do not talk to the black cat, ever.

That of course means you will be unable to save your game. Since that’s the case, I recommend making this the last ending you do, because knowing how to solve the puzzles means you can beat the game in 30 minutes or less.

Even knowing what to do, this ending is still hard to get because of the game’s chase scenes. The following is a list of chase scenes in the game. This guide for how to handle them is only applicable to normal mode, as extra mode changes some of these chase scenes to be more difficult. 

1: After you put the Book of Death on the shelf and head up the hallway, a skull will start to chase you. Run back down the hallway, and go around the front and back of the bookshelf counterclockwise. Make sure the skull is behind you when you emerge from the back of the bookshelf. If he is in front of you, he will likely touch you and kill you. Once he’s behind you, go up the hallway and exit the room. Then go back into the room to get the blue butterfly from the glass case.

2: When you get the music sheet from the wall, a painting will come down to chase you. Run to the right wall of the room, go up to the top of the room, and then go to the left. Examine the painting that is blank, and destroy it. If you do, the painting that was chasing you will vanish. 

3: When you return the golden chopsticks and exit the kitchen, you will be told someone is coming down the stairs. You’ll have five seconds to escape the room. Run to the left towards the fireplace. As you do, a crack in the floor will appear, pushing you back. Do not be alarmed. Just go around the crack and enter the fireplace. 

4: When you solve the skeleton guard puzzle about the four skull heads, exit the room. As you go to the left in the hallway, the pot will break. Go a bit further, and a giant skull head will appear and chase you. Run back into the skull puzzle room. Go to the bottom of the room. Then go to the right. Circle around the skulls counterclockwise, and make sure the giant skull head is behind you. Exit the room. Then quickly exit the hallway. You will be safe once you’re in the L shaped room with the two prison cells. 

5: After you wash the red shoes, exit the room. Go down the hallway, and the giant skull head from before will appear at the exit leading to the courtyard. Run back up. Run into the hallway that leads to the room with the four skull head puzzle. Once you’re in that hallway, the chase sequence will end, and you’re free to leave the room and go back to the courtyard. 

6: When you examine the medicine cabinet the “ghost” stood in front of, a dull head will smash through the window. Approach the doll head from it’s right side. Examine the doll head. Once you do, several eyeballs will appear. But just go to the right a bit, and go down to exit the room. Once you are in the tiny room, the door behind you will shake. If you stand still too long in this room, the eyes will break down the door and kill you. Run out of the tiny room. 

If you never talked to the black cat, then right before the final room of the game where he is normally dead, he will be alive. You cannot walk past him. Now it is okay to talk to the black cat. He will have an interesting monologue that reveals a lot about the game’s backstory. Then he will become a corpse again. Walk over the corpse, and head into the final room. In this room, if you examine objects, you will get a different description now. When you save the game before the final chase, you will get a different name for the room on the save slot. 

There are no other changes to this ending, so feel free to get the knife or ignore it as you so choose.

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