theHunter Classic – Weapon Performance

Which weapons performe best in theHunter Classic?


These charts use a simple way to show the performance of all weapons.

  • The moose targets at the Archery Addictions Range in Redfeather Falls were used.
  • The moose target is very useful for these tests, even though many weapons are not permitted for this animal in the field.
  • 2-3 shots were done on each weapon target.

Points were given as follows:

  • 0 points = body
  • 1 points = single lung
  • 2 points = double lungs OR single lung + shoulder blade
  • 3 points = double lungs + shoulder blade


Shotguns (Slug)



Vertical Bows


Did You Know?

Some interesting facts were found during the testing.

  • The .223 Bolt Action Rifle / .223 Semi-Automatic Rifle produced the same performance over all distances which was an exceptional finding.
  • Cupid arrows perform slightly different than the standard arrows. The biggest difference was seen with the Recurve Bow.
  • The Compound Bow Parker Python perfoms slightly better than the Compound Bow Red Dragon against common believe that they are the same.
  • The .17 HMR Lever Action Rifle produced amazing results when using .17 HMR HV Ammunition. It achieved 3 points at 80m despite the ammunition not being permitted for anything larger than Coyote or Eurasian Lynx. An extra field test was done to prove the correctness of the results on the target range (see image gallery below).
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