They Are Billions – Back to Basics

Simply put, this is back to basics for any commander willing to offer resistance to the hordes of undead. Though this may not cover all the best aspects of strategy, it will give you a rough outline of what you need to get the job done soldier. By the end, you should be well on your way to establishing a proper colony for the New Empire! For the Glory of Quintus!

Welcome to Boot Camp

Welcome aspiring Commander. If you’re here, it means you’ve made it through your initial officer’s training and are looking to learn some in the field strategies. Today, I’m here to offer some hopefully helpful advice to have you slaughtering the hordes of infected and be well on your way to a legendary commander in the New Empire.

Now, to begin, it is exceptionally important to get familiarized with all the different aspects of your potential colony. First things first, I would recommend utilizing your initial forces assigned to guard your command center to scout your immediate area. This is important at this starting stage because it can give you a vast wealth of information about the location you are settling in, and establish your starting boundaries with the vast horde that lurks in the nearby lands.

Once you’ve established this basic principle, the next thing is to begin constructing the basic necessities that will found the colony. This includes building the first tents that will bring in colonists and workers. Colonists will add to the collective tax your colony makes every resource tick, and more colonist means more gold. More gold means more you can build. Workers are key to providing labor for any buildings you run, as well as being necessary for any military units you may train.

After building your first tents, you should seek out and expand your power grid towards the earliest and most valuable resource you’ll have early in the war on the undead. And that is forests. Forests are invaluable, as they are the only way to gather wood resources from the map with saw-mills itself aside from pick-ups; as well as offering a way to provide early food to your colonists via placing hunters cottages adjacent to forests.

With your wood economy starting up, you should strive to locate stone resources with which to mine from. This is important to establishing your military barracks buildings with which you will train the mighty colonial guard to secure your colony from the zombie horde. Another key note, would be to secure an early iron mine as well, as this will be key to establishing a well-equipped army of either soldiers or specialist snipers. (Personally, I would recommend early to mid game a diverse mixture of soldiers and snipers. Although exclusive training of either unit is incredibly effective)

With the basic resources secured for the colony, you should begin training troops consistently in order to stay ahead of any attacks by the horde and to increase your capability to cleanse the map for expansion. At the same time, you should be constantly trying to expand your economy through the previous means mentioned above. By building up power and food to build more tents, make more gold, and also getting more resource deposits to mine.

The next early game recommendation, is to invest in constructing your wood workshop. This is where you’ll do all your early, to mid-game colony research. The first choice in my opinion, is to research farms for more food production, then markets to lessen food costs of all homes, and then the bank to increase gold production from houses. Lastly research the basic wood cottage building for more colonists and workers per building and begin upgrading your original tents.

When you’re ready to advance beyond that, research the stone workshop. Next choice of research is for stone walls, then stone towers. These will be vital for late game defensive operations against the horde. Then you should research the foundry to unlock access to the highest technologies the New Empire can offer you. By this point, you must begin researching the advanced versions of your resource mines, farms, mills, and oil platforms. Oil will be a key resource to produce the strongest units in the game. (Recommendation is to research the powerful Titan mechs, and the Thanatos, an exo-skeleton armored unit who wields a mortar rocket launcher)

Throughout your time establishing your colony, the horde will dispatch waves from outside your local region to assault your colony and command center. You will receive updates on the days the hordes will be expected to arrive, so take precaution and prepare defenses in advance of the coming swarm. This may include defensive towers that you can fill with military soldiers, or static emplacement towers that can attack the undead that you’ll have to research. Use your wood or stone walls to hold off the hordes from overwhelming your troops and defenses, and you should turn out alright.

As long as you follow these general outlined principles, you should be able to survive and thrive outside Empire City’s walls. Good luck and God help you Commander

Created by General Durgen

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