Thief Simulator 2 – 100% Full Achievement Guide (Prologue)

100% achievement guide in detail.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Note: Credit goes to KP Davey

Achievement 1: Escape the assassins. Survive the first encounter.

For this achievement, you must start the prologue & escape your old hideout:

  • What you’re going to want to do is go to Desk Draw 2 (the middle one on the right side) and grab the $15.
  • Then go to the bedroom. Draw on the left, and you will find another $15. Pick that up as well. Then go to the cameras right behind you and press E.
  • Once the cut-scene is done, make your way to the window, then to the shed that’s around the corner, then back quickly to the gate you walked past to get to the shed.
  • Once you have made it to the gate, run about 45 degrees right to the car. Once at the car, unlock it and place the gate key in the case in your passenger’s side foot-way.
  • Then press E on the wheel and click the town, and you’re done! Achievement unlocked!

Achievement 2: Get $2k Collect $2000.

I had earned this by just robbing all the houses each time I went to the neighbourhood. I had just gotten up to learn about House 110’s habits. when my achievement was unlocked.

Achievement: just the beginning Finish the prologue.

This one requires you to do the following:

  • Rob House, 102 FYI, you can take the painting in by just opening up the passenger’s side door, and it should automatically place it in.
  • Then get in your car, drive straight, and then take a right. Once you’re at the “new hideout,” run straight and then right until you find that computer. Once you have done what it wants you to do,
  • Go back to the car, then the pawn shop, then sell all the crap you have already got, then press tab and buy Marking Skill, then make your way back to the street, where now you’re going to want to break all the green diamonds, loot 102, and run away from the police through the back gate you should have broken before they came!
  • Once you’ve done the above, you’re going to want to go to the P & wait until 5 a.m. Now it’s 5 A.M. Go and learn 103’s work habits, then get in the car, drive to the pawn shop, unlock the lock-picking skill, and sell all of your crap a second time. Now go back to the hideout and buy a lock-pick from the PC, then go to the front room and use the lock-pick on your new lock on the right shelf.
  • Then drive back to Madison Street and wait until 5 a.m. Once it’s 5 a.m., rob the first house again (you’re going to want to do this a lot), and once it’s between 6 a.m. and 6:30 a.m., pick 103’s lock, rob the guys home, and find that code (it’s in the bedroom on the desk)! Break the gnome in the back garden as you have a mission from your PC. You also have, like, 50 dollars on the garden table.
  • You never needed the brick. Unless you used it to break the gnome, after that, drive towards house 101 and go to the golden S on the map, and then drive home. and buy the pick-pocketing skill. Once you have done the mission and sent the package on the doggy website, go into the living room and practise your pick-pocketing on the dark mannequin. Once done, head back to the car and go to the pawnshop to resell all the stolen goods.
  • Then head back in to town and wait for 110 to go in to his home or go through a window in his house, as after he does his garden, he goes and sits in the back facing the fence. Once you have done that, rob him silly (I got caught robbing the TV as he ate dinner). Once you have robbed the house and found the note in the bedroom by the door for the parcel code, continue on with the mission (the stash is in the basement).
  • Then go next door; there are two tenants who live here. Just rob the house bank and then head back to the hideout to see the broker kind of guy. Once you have given the stuff to the black market guy, go to 104 and rob the package. Take it home.
  • Achievement Unlocked!

Achievement: Get $5K Collect $5000.

Location of ATM is the first park to your right in the green fenced off next to a bin that you can hide in.
So what your going to want to do is complete the prologue like normal then buy the ATM hacker and just rob the ATM. it’s a fun little mini game that requires you to guess the correct 5 digit code, but it will give you something like $5K all at once. I was on about $3.5K used it. granted it did cost 2.5K but you should get that back extremely quickly. it took me about 5 minutes to figure out the code but got to $8.6k in the end so win win.

Am i going to buy the game when it comes out & should you?

Answer is A Simple yes as it was fun and surprisingly enjoyable! Try it yourself you never know you might actually like it.

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