Throne of Lies – A Guide for How to Fake Claim as an Evil: Part 1 – Mastermind & Assassin

This is a guide for how to fake claim any class as Mastermind and Assassin. It is very long and detailed… I attempted to make it user friendly for all players so that everyone can understand. My goal for this guide is to widen the horizons of claim space within the community to make the game more fun for everyone.


Hello! I am Teleology — or “Tele” for short. You’ve probably seen me somewhere around in the community. I’m not an important person really, but I do have a decent overall winrate (53%) with almost 1,000 hours (990+), and I would like to help you with some creative claiming to spice up my games as well as everyone else’s 🙂 

Which claims are off the table? 

None of them! You can fake claim anything really… with the right circumstances. Some fake claims are a lot riskier or worse than others, though. In this guide I will not discuss fake claiming as anything that is Neutral or Evil because I do not personally claim such classes on a usual basis. 

The most important thing about fake claiming is ACTING YOUR PART. You are fake claiming as BD — start acting like it. Don’t be afraid to be active in court and start trials as evil. As BD, you want to get information out into the court so that BD can deduce who is evil or not. However, the incentive for evils to up people is that they can divert suspicion from their own team members, gain trust from BD, and maybe even getting some mislynches (Getting BD killed because other BD don’t believe their logs, I would go with the flow on this one and just vote however you think the court would vote. If you’re not sure, abstain). Regardless of how good or bad your claim is, behavior is always something that is taken into consideration within a social deduction game. 

Fake Claiming as Mastermind (MM)

Note: Make sure to inform your assassin about your claim and ask them to tell you what they are claiming N1.

The following 12 classes will be examined for fake claiming as Mastermind: 

  • 1. Princess 
  • 2. Sheriff 
  • 3. Maid 
  • 4. Butler
  • 5. Drunk
  • 6. Observer 
  • 7. Hunter
  • 8. Knight
  • 9. Physician 
  • 10. Chronomancer
  • 11. Court Wizard 
  • 12. Noble 

And an additional section:

  • 13. Other Claims

MM Fake Claim #1 – Princess

How to Fake Claim as Princess:

Let’s say your “Honest MM logs” look like this (never use honest MM logs as your actual logs… this is just an example so that you can see how one would fake claim):

Mastermind | 

  • N1 – Convert 3 – 3 is now a Marshal | 
  • N2 – Foresight 15 – 15 is not convertible | 

Then based on those results, you would know that Marshal [3] is an investigative class and you could mark them as S/I (Special or Investigative). Although it is hard to tell what class type someone that you “could not convert” would be, K/O (Killer or Offensive) is usually your best bet because the Prince, Neutral Killer, Fool (if framed), Hunter (when bearing) and Sellsword are all K/O and not convertible targets who are usually not already outed. Although, there is the risk that they could be Pretender or Inquisitor (who are S/I) or Alchemist/Mercenary/Scorned (who are Social/Support) so it is really up to you to determine how you think they are behaving. I usually guess that they are K/O for the most part. If you are unclear, it may be safer to claim to have checked someone who is outed already. 

You can use Little Birds on King or an outed Prince during the day to get claims from people whispering and by writing that you checked them as the class type that they claimed. Guessing someone random’s class type as a last case scenario isn’t awful either, because you have a 1/3 chance of guessing correctly. So these are your theoretical Princess logs: 

Princess | 

  • N1 – Flirt 3 – S/I  | 
  • N2 – Flirt 15 – K/O | 

Keep in mind that putting your convert for your n1 logs isn’t always the best Incase you die and people figure out that they were probably converted n1 since you knew their class type. Flip flopping your results could make your claim more believable as well if you haven’t already claimed. Here is some alternative princess logs: 

Princess | 

  • N1 – Flirt 15 – K/O | 
  • N2 – Flirt 3 – S/I | 

These would be what I would probably use (for this example we will say that [6] is a physician who was outed on stand d2, and that you told your assassin to attack the conversion immune [15] Night 3, and your assassin told you that he was Death immune Night 4, assuming all neutrals (neuts) are known — there can be 2-3 in a 16 player game, 1-2 neuts with 12-15 players, and 0-1 in a 8-11 player game): 

Princess | 

  • N1 – Flirt 6 – S/S | 
  • N2 – Flirt 3 – S/I  | 
  • N3 – Flirt 15 – K/O | 
  • N4 – WoW 15 – Attacked! | 

You can seem legitimate by claiming to Will-o-Wisp (WoW) a K/O finding who has not outed themselves as offensive or Prince already. In this way, you can find the Neutral Killer (NK) and out that they attacked someone mid-game to gain credibility. You can also bus your Assassin by flirting them as K/O as long as you inform them beforehand if necessary. 

Pros: Easy to claim by using conversions and foresight to fake logs, Fits MM’s class type.

Cons: Sees Physician as offensive and Knight as support through foresight, identifiable as a common Mastermind claim, you will be expected to step for king, Pretender will know that you are not royal.

MM Fake Claim #2 – Sheriff

How to Fake Claim as Sheriff:

The good thing about fake claiming Sheriff as MM is that it is very easy. You know everyone that is Unseen and everyone that is Not Suspicious (NS) (except for frames, which make a NS person appear as Unseen). The three most important things a fake sheriff needs to do are: 1) Logging their scouts 2) not claiming to hit the jailed target, and 3) bussing if necessary. 

Forget about our MM logs: 

Mastermind | 

  • N1 – Convert 3 – 3 is now a Marshal | 
  • N2 – Foresight 15 – 15 is not convertible | 

…They don’t help us out much here. This is how I organize my Sheriff logs as real Sheriff. I suggest that when you fake claim Sheriff, you still log like a real Sheriff would log. The Sheriff’s goal is to find Unseen. Mastermind does not show as Unseen until Night 4 and onward, so I always write in my logs that anyone that is Not Suspicious prior to N4 could also be the Mastermind (Thus, NS/MM). I also tend to check the person that I scouted D1 as real sheriff and do not move my scout from them unless someone else is outed and confirmed. I suggest that you “move your scout” in your logs if anyone asks for you to scout them. Using Surveillance N4 and after also makes you seem like BD. 

Sheriff | 

  • D1 – Scout 7 until stated otherwise | 
  • N1 – Invest 7 – NS/MM | 
  • N2 – Invest 13 – NS/MM | 
  • N3 – Invest 5 – NS/MM | 
  • (After Informing your assassin that you are outing them as unseen during N4) 
  • N4 – Surv 2 – Assassin! | 

I would not claim to have checked your convert N1, but I would claim to have checked anyone that you foresighted afterward as “NS” just so that you know they weren’t jailed or guarded by a Mercenary — which would catch you in a lie (the exception being for if you find a conversion immune, who you want to kill the next night and shouldn’t write in your logs, or if you visited a scouted target). 

Pros: Matches Mastermind’s class type, easy to claim, hard to catch in a lie, easy to bus.

Cons: Multiple sheriff claims make you very suspicious, other sheriff may be asked to check you N4, common Mastermind claim, if you don’t bus you will be executed for not finding anything.

MM Fake Claim #3 – Maid

How to Fake Claim as Maid:

Honestly, Maid is not a claim that I recommend claiming: It’s worse than both of the above claims — from my experience Maid claims are equivalent to Knight claims in how frequently they are executed while on trial. 

However, if you really want to claim Maid as Mastermind, there are 2-3 things that you should do in order to create a convincing Maid claim: be VERY active in court (most Maid claims are executed because they play Maid very passively), match two royals as incompatible to gain credibility AND/OR bus your other Unseen members after informing them (a Maid with more than three matches in a row is a dead Maid). 

When fake claiming Maid, pay attention to who claims royal and don’t forget to log your starting target. 

These are your honest MM logs again that we will use as a guide for fake claiming Maid based on your results. 

Mastermind | 

  • N1 – Convert 3 – 3 is now a Marshal | 
  • N2 – Foresight 15 – 15 is not convertible |

In your logs, you should recognize your starting target ([7] in this case), and also list them first in your N1 when Matchmaking (MM) them to someone else ([3] in this case). If all neutrals are known, and you know that [15] cannot be converted, then you can safely Matchmake [15] as incompatible with an outed royal (Princess/Noble/Drunk/Prince/Pretender) because you know that he is either Prince, NK, or framed (framed targets appear as not convertible to a Mastermind), and royals are incompatible with each other, and NK is incompatible with everyone except certain neuts (merc/Alch/Sellsword). So if [4] is an outed royal, these logs are pretty good:

Maid | 

  • D1 – Start 7 | 
  • N1 – MM [7 & 4] = Match | 
  • N2 – MM [4 & 15] = Incompatible | 

Using Little Birds, you can also get more claims —perhaps deduce who the NK is— as well as finding other royals. 

Pros: Matches Mastermind’s class type, can use foresight to help figure out who would be incompatible.

Cons: VERY suspicious claim, common Mastermind claim.

MM Fake Claim #4 – Butler

Yes… it is possible to fake claim as offensive when you are Mastermind. Butler was actually my go-to MM claim back in the day. 

How to fake claim as Butler: 

In order to fake claim an offensive, you need help from your fellow Unseen members to “confirm” yourself. If [2] is your Assassin and you are claiming Butler, you need to coordinate with him. Tell him that you are claiming Butler and that he should write that he was occupied for N1. It is always risky to use your Assassin in your logs because some people might realize that he couldn’t have been occupied if there are a certain amount of deaths, but most of the time they won’t notice. 

Essentially, as a fake Butler claim you should be claiming to occupy your Unseen (by informing them during the night), but also using any real information that you have (if you hit a jailed target — USE THAT). On the nights where you’ve already occupied your Unseen and you don’t hit any jailed targets, you can claim to party or claim to have occupied someone that died. You can also claim the occupy on people who were occupied by a real Butler/SS/Merc and announce it publicly. Here are some sample logs when [2] is Assassin, [3] is Marshal, and [14] was jailed N3: 

Butler | 

  • N1 – Wine 2, Success! | 
  • N2 – Wine 3, Success! | 
  • N3 – Wine 14, Imprisoned | 
  • N4 – Throw a party! | 

On N4 I would consider telling your unseen that you might have to push one of them during D5 because you would want to open the conversion slot so that you have a different person to claim to occupy (depending on how many BD are left and where you are on the suspicion radar). 

Pros: Uncommon MM claim, not very suspicious, can use unseen members to “confirm”.

Cons: doesn’t fit MM class type, if you are killed then it will be pretty obvious who the rest of the unseen are, cannot occupy someone specifically that you are asked to occupy (though, in that situation you should probably kill/convert them), MM is not Debauch or occupy immune.

MM Fake Claim #5 – Drunk

How to Fake Claim as Drunk: 

Likewise to Butler, you can use some of your Unseen to help backup your logs. When you first convert someone ([3] is still our Marshal) there is a small time slot between when you get the convert and when the night ends. So, during this interval you can prepare something quickly that says “Welcome to the Unseen! You were debauched to king last night.” you can pretype this message and then send it after the convert goes through. This is helpful so that your convert knows what you’re claiming and so that they know what to put in their logs to help your fake claim. 

You can also claim to Debauch (Deb) people who are Deb immune (Mystic/Prince/Hunter/Merc/SS/Fool/Butler/people who were occupied/etc.) that out publicly. However, it is important to know that people who have a targeted ability and are Deb immune will technically get the notification that they were redirect attempted, whereas Deb immunes without a targeted ability will not be notified. So you could claim to have Debauched a Butler, but a smart Butler will know that they didn’t get the notification. If [7] is an outed Hunter, they are the perfect target for you to have claimed to Debauch because it makes sense for a Drunk to try to Debauch a Hunter claim (since Assassin/NK claim Hunter pretty frequently) and the Hunter can’t use their targeted ability (Hunter’s Mark) until N3 and after. Obviously use any jails that you hit in your logs (hitting [14] in jail N3 for example). I advise against claiming to have Debauched your Assassin unless you are bussing them because it can catch you in a lie pretty easily. Here are some fake Drunk logs:

Drunk | 

  • N1 – Debauch 3 > 1, Success | 
  • N2 – Debauch 7 > 1, Unable | 
  • N3 – Debauch 14 > 1, 14 Imprisoned | 
  • N4 – Debauch 2 > 7, Success | 

As always, N4 you would want to inform your Assassin [2] about the bus beforehand, and claim to have Debauched them to someone that died that night ([7]) so that you seem legit. 

Pros: Uncommon MM claim, easier to claim Debauches than wines on members outside of the Unseen (in comparison to butler), solid claim — asked for logs less often.

Cons: Doesn’t fit MM class type, needs support from other members, MM is not Deb or occupation immune, cannot Deb/Happy Hour someone else if asked (must kill/convert).

MM Fake Claim #6 – Observer

How to Fake Claim as Observer: 

Observer is probably the most difficult class to fake claim with. You have to rely on public Information provided during court, as well as visitations provided from whispers through Little Birds. It’s okay to log public info in your logs as long as it looks legitimate. For instance, if [13] claims to have occupied [5] d2, then you can pretty safely write that in your N1 log. You can also use your convert as a follow target as well. If you know that your Marshal [3] is visiting someone [8], you could write that in your log for N2. In this way, you can keep public AND private info in your logs without it seeming too suspicious. 

If you foresight someone and think that their class type is predictable (e.g. Support conversion class type) you could try and guess that they were a Chronomancer or a Knight and follow them to visit the confirmed outed BD (who they would be on). 

Bussing is also 100% viable as Observer! Following the dead guy (in this case [7]) visit someone that they wrote they visited in logs ([14]) and claiming your Assassin ([2]) to have visited them makes you seem very legit. Don’t forget to inform your assassin during the night about the bus 🙂

Observer | 

  • N1 – Follow 5 | 13 > [5] > X | 
  • N2 – Follow 3 | X > [3] > 8 | 
  • N3 – Follow 7 | 2 > [7] > 14 | 

There are obviously many different ways that you can come up with your follows, and these are just a few. Observer is a great fake claim because no one expects it — especially if you have really well-done logs. You could also use Peek, but I prefer to use Follow when fake claiming observer because I use Follow as real observer. Though, using Peek on Hunter/Knight claims can make you seem like BD. 

Pros: Fits MM class type, really solid, unexpected MM claim (for the most part).

Cons: Can be hard to pull off.

MM Fake Claim #7 – Hunter

How to Fake Claim as Hunter: 

Hunter is not the best fake claim for Mastermind because there is a high risk in that 1) there is probably another Hunter and 2) MM can’t actually bleed anyone (when asked to wolf). 

If you want to seem like legitimate Hunter while fake claiming it, you could do one of those terrible D1 baits that no one actually falls for — and is basically just a dead giveaway that you’re claiming Hunter. By D1 baits, I mean claiming Prince D1 in particular. Everyone will just write you off as Hunter in their logs, and if anyone questions your Hunter claim you just remind them about that terrible bait you did D1. “I’m real Hunter, I baited D1” — jokes aside, Hunter is a very lazy claim. The only thing you really need to do is to inform your Assassin that they need to save their bleed so that you can “Wolf” someone if it is requested. 

Most people think it’s suspicious to claim to have beared N1, so I guess you just claim to do nothing, like most Hunters would do. 

What makes you seem more like legitimate Hunter are your Hunter’s Mark (HM) choices and your activity in court. You can’t ever really HM someone successfully, so you should try not to claim to have Hunter’s Mark’d someone to someone that they actually visited. All of your HM results should be Did Not Target (DNT). 

Hunter | 

  • N1 – Nothing | 
  • N2 – Bear | 
  • D3 – Wolf 7 | 
  • N3 – HM 3 > 10 – DNT | 

Anyway, yeah fake claiming Hunter isn’t that hard, but I advise against MM doing so. It’s a better claim for Assassin (and even then, you could do better). 

Pros: If there is no other hunter and you tell your Assassin to “wolf” people for you… it’s okay? 

Cons: doesn’t fit MM’s class type, MM can’t bleed people on their own, Hunter is unique, will be voted up late game if the other suspicious person can “take the arrow” (Hunter’s passive ability “Retribution” kills the last voter on trial).

MM Fake Claim #8 – Knight

Claiming Knight is even worse than claiming Maid, but I suppose any claim can be a good claim depending on how you play it. 

How to Fake Claim as a Knight: 

If you are Mastermind, there’s a few problems about claiming Knight:

  • 1) You can’t directly attack anyone
  • 2) You won’t show in Gossip
  • 3) Knight claims are very sus. 

In order to combat these issues, I actually think that claiming Knight D1 might be the only way to save you. Drunks will try to Debauch you and realize that you do not attack the person you get Debauched to, Sheriffs will check you as NS, and Princesses/Pretenders don’t really have incentive to check you (if they do, you can say you were “obviously” framed since K/O classes show as S/I when framed). 

I guess the safest way to fake claim Knight is to claim to be on king and hope that there isn’t a noble — either that or find an excuse for why you would be Defending anyone else when you’re a Knight that needs to confirm themselves. I guess you could get your Assassin to kill an outed neutral for you N3 and to write your number as if you Coldsteeled (CS’d) them, but it’s probably best (safer) to just never claim to CS anyone unless you find out who the NK is. So I guess you claim to have Defended king n1, then claim to Defend any outed BD n2 ([7]), then if you find NK ([15] in this example) you can claim to have CS’d them as death immune. 

You can also bus your Assassin by telling them to suicide during the day, and then claiming to CS them the following night (the night they die). You won’t have a death note, but it’s better to have a Coldsteel on an evil than to not have one. You can do this bus anytime your Assassin seems suspicious. Keep in mind that you can tell if your Assassin was jailed during the night because they will not be present at the table (though, if absent he could also be reaped… or possessed if your third member became the new assassin, but the starting Assa is still alive). 

Knight | 

  • N1 – Defend 1 – Protected | 
  • N2 – Defend 7 – Protected | 
  • N3 – CS 15 – Immune | 

But yeah, I highly discourage claiming Knight unless you are willing to act super BD. Claiming Knight as a lazy evil makes you a dead evil.

Pros: Easy to claim.

Cons: You must act super BD to survive, doesn’t fit MM’s class type, you have to know how to persuade your way out of situations (claiming to be framed, mentioning facts that make you innocent, etc.)

MM Fake Claim #9 – Physician

How to Fake Claim as Physician: 

You would generally claim to have Healed the King N1, unless there is an outed Noble who could catch you in the lie, or there was a D1 BD that it made sense to Heal instead. In order to make yourself appear like BD, you should “steal” Heals when possible — that is… claim to Heal bled people who were Healed by another Alchemist/Physician.

You can also claim to have “yolo Inoculated” someone day 2 so that you don’t have the dilemma of being asked to Inoculate an outed Prince later on. You can even keep your Inoculate target a secret and then conveniently claim that it was on a dead or bleed immune BD later. Alternatively, you can just claim the inoculate and tell your assassin to not bleed the Inoculated target. Though, sometimes the Hunter is asked to wolf the Prince to confirm if they were Inoculated or not. 

Faking Exhumes is pretty easy when you know who your Assassin killed. Having no exhumes in your logs will make you suspicious. Another way to “confirm yourself” as Physician is by asking a Hunter claim to wolf you because MM is bleed immune. Obviously Healing the confirmed/outed BD will make you look like you are BD. So if the Prince is outed, claim to be on them. 

Physician | 

  • N1 – Heal 1, DNR | 
  • D2 – Yolo Inoc X | 
  • N2 – Heal 7, Cured! | 
  • D3 – Exhume 5 – Assassin | 
  • N3 – Heal 15, DNR | 
  • D4 – Exhume 14 – Reaper | 
  • N4 – Heal 15, DNR | 

Finding out which NK it is is important so that you can fake your Exhume on a target that the NK killed. Reaper is easier to find than Sorcerer (sorc) or Possessor (poss). A reaped person will have missing logs for the previous night. One way to tell that it’s a Sorc game is if there is one night where an abnormal amount of deaths occurred. Poss games are more difficult to detect unless you can spot a jump. Having an Exhume from an NK death improves your credibility. 

Pros: Explains bleed immunity, Exhumes can be pretty easy to fake, not a typical MM claim. 

Cons: can’t Heal anyone if asked specifically, can’t inoculate, might be hard to figure out what NK it is for Exhumes, doesn’t fit MM class type.

MM Fake Claim #10 – Chronomancer

How to Fake Claim as Chronomancer: 

Chronomancer is one of the few lazy claims that are not immediately executed for existing. As legitimate Chronomancer I’m usually not even on king N1 unless king asks for it D1, so you have more freedom for your N1 action. You can just say that you’ve been Time Warping (TWing) outed BD for your logs. You don’t need to “steal” delays unless there are no Physicians/Alchemists. Two Chronomancers can delay the same bleed on the second night, and Distort Reality (DR) the night after, but the lower number is the only one that gets to redirect the death to their target (the higher number gets a notification that is similar to “No death to move”). That’s kind of a bad situation to be in if you are the lower number because you aren’t a real Chronomancer. Luckily, that situation shouldn’t occur very often. Adding some Pocket Dimensions (PDs) make you seem BD because you are logging that as if you could die. 

Chronomancer | 

  • N1 – TW 16 – DND | 
  • N2 – TW 4 – DND | 
  • D3 – PD | 
  • N3 – TW 7 – DND | 

Claiming delays is kind of risky unless you know for sure that you are a higher number than the real Chronomancer. 

Pros: Easy to claim, able to lay pretty low 

Cons: doesn’t fit MM class type, can’t TW anyone independently.

MM Fake Claim #11 – Court Wizard

How to Fake Claim as Court Wizard (CW): 

Usually BD will get mad at you if you don’t Tornado early to confirm yourself as real Court Wizard. This is why when you fake CW, you just make a completely bogus swap that no one can confirm nor deny. Usually that means swapping two targets that you think no one would visit N1,N2, or N3. They can’t complain that you didn’t Tornado at that point. Later on, you can tell your Unseen members to confirm a swap for you (if necessary), though usually it isn’t if you play your cards right. “Empowering” offensives is usually a good idea to make you seem like you are trying to help BD as much as possible. I also enjoy whispering the outed offensives and claiming CW to them so that they trust me 🙂

Claiming to Clear Mind (CM) someone D3 is usually the move, regardless of whether it makes sense to do so or not. You could also do it D2 I suppose, but I never CM anyone D2 as real CW. If there’s an outed social, claim to empower them N3 and inform them that you will be doing so. BD appreciate you telling them that you are empowering or CMing them, so don’t be afraid to get a little social. 

Bussing your Assassin through claiming to have Empower aid them can boost your claim’s believability as well. You also know when you fail a convert, so you can claim to have “protected” conversion immune targets that another CW might’ve Clear Minded. 

Court Wizard | 

  • N1 – Empower 7 – Not aided | 
  • N2 – Swap 3/8 | 
  • D3 – CM 7 | 
  • N3 – Empower 8 – Not aided | 
  • N4 – Swap 9/13 | 
  • N5 – Empower 2 – Aided! | 

CW is pretty solid if you get your third Unseen to confirm one of your swaps, whisper the people you’re claiming to Empower/CM, and perhaps bus your Assassin if necessary. You can also get the NK killed in the same manner. Even though Reaper can’t technically be aided (unless they are using Circle of Death)… most people don’t know that so shhhh. 

Pros: Pretty easy to claim, can gain you trust if you whisper people your actions.

Cons: Not MM’s class type, you can’t actually use Tornado, if the NK kills the offensive you were Empowering you’re kinda in a pickle.

MM Fake Claim #12 – Noble

How to fake claim as Noble: 

Noble is a risky claim for Mastermind because it is a social class that can be easily confirmed during the day with force vote and Noble Twin. You really need to pay attention to support claims claiming to be on king N1 if you’re claiming that you gossiped king N1. You can use Little Birds on King to get whispers for a fake “Court Spy”. You can ask your Unseen members to claim that they were force voted (action that occurs through Political Pressure) in order to have that day ability confirmed. However, there’s really no way around the fact that you can’t twin vote unless you steal someone else’s… which they will likely claim. 

An alternative to stealing twins is making excuses for not being able to twin. You can claim to twin on the trial king used Decide Fate (because your vote wouldn’t show up) and also could claim to have lost a twin if you voted execute on a Fool. In order to buy yourself a little bit of time, you can temporarily claim that you were forced to vote the person on trial, and therefore cannot vote nor Noble Twin. Another one that you can use ONLY if you need just one more mislynch is by telling the court “Just execute X, I will twin on this vote” where X is the number of the person you want to be executed on trial. This will out you as evil when you didn’t twin though, so make sure Prince is dead.

Noble | 

  • N1 – Gossip 1 – DNR x2 | 
  • N2 – Court Spy | 
  • D3 – force vote 2 > 7 | 
  • N3 – Court Spy | 
  • D4 – Twin execute | 
  • N4 – Gossip 3 – No feedback | 

I guess you have to get one of your Unseen to confirm you via force vote, either figure out who was on king N1 or just claim to have Gossiped someone randomly N1, get whispers from Little Birds for your Court Spy, and steal a twin if possible. 

Pros: Not a common Mm claim, can use birds to get whispers for Court Spy 

Cons: Not MM’s class type, can’t confirm self with twin, can’t receive accurate Gossip results, difficult to fake logs. 

Other Claims as Mastermind

You should not claim Prince, Paladin, or Mystic as Mastermind unless very peculiar circumstances occur.

A valid strategy for Mastermind involves using the third converts abilities as their own. For example, if you convert a Noble N1 and gain an Aristocrat, then you can claim Noble, get their information from Gossips, and claim their twins. Obviously this strategy relies on the third unseen member claiming a different class and dying as Assassin if they die rather than their third member Unseen class.

Fake Claiming as Starting Assassin (Assa)

Note: As Assassin, you should tell your Mastermind what you are claiming (and ask them what they are claiming) so that you both aren’t claiming the same thing. 

The following 12 classes will be examined for fake claiming as Assassin: 

  • 1. Knight
  • 2. Hunter 
  • 3. Physician
  • 4. Drunk
  • 5. Princess
  • 6. Sheriff 
  • 7. Chronomancer
  • 8. Court Wizard
  • 9. Maid 
  • 10. Butler
  • 11. Observer
  • 12. Noble 

And an additional section: 

  • 13. Other Claims

Assa Fake Claim #1 – Knight

How to Fake Claim as Knight: 

You know I had to start with this one. The good old Knight claim as Assassin. Pretty sure you all know how to do this one… and there’s not really anyway in particular to do it well. There are a few things you can do to make your claim more convincing: 1) Being active in court 2) claiming to be defending realistic targets 3) whispering BD that you are protecting them and perhaps asking for protection in return.

I would advise against claiming Knight D1 if you are Assassin because that can get you into trouble. However, admittedly, sometimes people will leave D1 Knight claims alone and it could work. 

Being active in court as Knight is so important to your survival. If there is a quiet Knight on trial (or in jail) they will be executed without hesitation. Voting up people and talking during the day makes you appear BD and can help you appear less suspicious when you claim publicly. Another important thing is to Defend targets a real Knight would Defend. This usually means Defending King N1, and Defending any outed BD afterward. If you’re afraid of getting caught in a lie with Defending King N1, you could just lie and say you were occupied. Another way of being seen as more legitimate as Knight is to kill someone with a Knight death note and claim that possessor possessed someone (the person you killed) into a target you were defending. You can also claim that you killed someone while defending X last night, but there was no body, hinting that it’s a Reaper game. Remember to clear your death note! 

If there is an outed Physician [8] you could gain their trust by whispering them “Hey I’m a Knight, want to heal me while I Defend you?” This is beneficial for you in two ways: you are gaining a BD’s trust, and you are also preventing the Physician from Healing anyone else if they agree to it. 

Knight | 

  • N1 – Defend 1 – Occupied | 
  • N2 – Defend 8 – Protected | 
  • N3 – Defend 8 – Protected | 

You can claim to CS the NK as death immune (or that you attacked them and they didn’t die in the case of a reaper) as always. You could try to bus your Mastermind as death immune too, if you really wanted to (inform during the night first).

Pros: Fits Assa’s class type, easy to fake.

Cons: common Assa claim, need to act BD to survive, can’t be Gossip confirmed.

Assa Fake Claim #2 – Hunter

How to Fake Claim as Hunter: 

Hunter is unique, so there’s always a risk to claiming it. When there is no real Hunter in the game, it isn’t a bad lazy claim for Assassin. 

If you are fake claiming Hunter, you can bait D1 so that you have evidence to resort to later to prove that you have been acting like a Hunter since D1. This can be the not-so-bright “D1 Prince claim,” but it can also be basically anything that draws attention to yourself. You don’t really want to draw the investigative attention… so say something that sounds BD (Like encouraging people to do the Gossip meta). 

You also should save your bleeds until the end of the day Incase you are asked to wolf someone to confirm yourself. If there is another Hunter, you should offer to “take the arrow” because a dead Hunter and a dead Assassin is better than just a dead Assassin… You could try to get another BD to take the arrow, but there’s a risk that BD will notice that you are reluctant to up the other Hunter claim last and will turn on you instead. 

Don’t claim to bear N1 unless you legitimately thought your bait would make evils want to attack you. Make sure to write down Wolfs and fake Hunter Marks to maintain solid logs. You could also mention who asked you to Wolf in your logs in parenthesis if you want. Be careful about HMing people that actually would’ve visited the target you claimed to have HM’d them to, as that can catch you in a lie. You can fake HM a BD if you kill them with a Hunter death note and say that you HM’d them to the target they let visited in their logs, but make sure you clear the death note afterward and stop using HM in your logs (if you kill a BD, you can’t use it anymore). Similarly, you can claim to have beared and killed someone with no body (Reaper game), or kill someone with a hunter DN and claim that they were possessed into attacking you. For either of those to work… NK needs to be alive. 

Hunter |

  • N1 – Nothing | 
  • N2 – Bear – killed someone | (Reaper)
  • D3 – Wolf 7 (Prince’s orders) | 
  • N3 – HM 8 > 7 – DNT | 
  • N4 – HM 13 > 2 – Attacked! | (oops)

Don’t claim to HM anyone successfully unless they have targetable abilities and are occupiable (don’t claim to HM Prince, Butler, Drunk, Mystic, etc.).

Pros: Fits Assa’s Class type, lazy logs, can be used to explain bizarre behavior, can use bleed as a Wolf 

Cons: Hunter is unique, Assa is not Deb immune, common assa claim, will be executed late game if another suspicious person can take the arrow.

Assa Fake Claim #3 – Physician

How to Fake Claim as Physician (Phys): 

Similar to Knight, when fake claiming Physician you should claim to be Healing important targets (often including King N1 again). As Assassin you know who you are bleeding, so you can remember who to claim to have Healed from bleed in your logs more easily. 

If you are found as K/O by a Princess, you could get them killed by claiming that they are MM who found you as an offensive conversion class type (since Herbalist is offensive). You can also make connections with other people to seem like BD if you whisper people that you will heal them. Obviously, you can also exchange heals for your own protection to get healers/Knights off of actual BD just the same. 

As Assassin you have control over who gets bled, so you can claim to Inoculate people if you remember not to bleed them (the only downside being that Hunter could still Wolf them to prove one way or the other). Knowing who you killed also helps when you are fake Exhuming. Exhuming your own kills is probably the best until you figure out which NK it is. 

Physician | 

  • N1 – Heal 1, DNR | 
  • D2 – Exhume 5 – Assa | 
  • N2 – Heal 14, Cured! | 

Pretty much just steal bleed Heals from the Alchemist or other Physicians and then Heal the outed BD. If you are bled by a Hunter, kindly ask a friendly Alchemist to Heal you as a last attempt to save your fake claim. 

Pros: You know who gets bled (for Heals), who dies to Assassin (for Exhumes).

Cons: Doesn’t fit Assa’s class type, can’t independently heal anyone, can’t get confirmed by Gossip, you are not bleed immune.

Assa Fake Claim #4 – Drunk

How to Fake Claim as Drunk: 

As Assassin you are somewhat expendable (at least, more so than the MM) so when you’re claiming Drunk you don’t really want to have the Mastermind in your logs. Your Drunk logs don’t really have to be that great. You can either ask the third unseen member to claim your Debauch or just not use any of your Unseen members. If you use dead people and Deb immunes/jailed targets you will probably live long enough with your fake claim anyway. 

So for N1 you can just claim to have Debauched someone who died if you say something like “touch of death” because it makes you seem like BD who just has bad luck. For N2 you can ask the third member [3] to confirm you so that you aren’t as sus for debauching a dead guy. By N3 there’s probably an outed Deb immune by that point so you could claim to have Debauched them unsuccessfully. Or if someone claimed they were occupied D4, you could use that. If you hit a jailed target while killing people you can use that as well. I wouldn’t really claim to use Happy Hour unless it’s purposeful. Kill anyone that asks you to Debauch a particular person to someone else. 

Drunk | 

  • N1 – Debauch 8 > 1, Success | (Touch of death 🙁 )
  • N2 – Debauch 3 > 1, Success | 
  • N3 – Debauch 10 > 1, Unable | 
  • N4 – Debauch 11 > 1, 11 Imprisoned | 

After this point you can improvise. If you think BD believe you and you don’t think you will get caught for a while, you can claim to have Debauched your Mastermind. However, if you don’t wanna risk it, or you think people are onto you, you can just rinse and repeat (claim to have Debauched someone who died N5). 

Pros: Uncommon Assassin Claim, Fits Assa’s Flirt result (K/O), Drunk is a solid claim that isn’t questioned too often. 

Cons: Can’t independently Debauch (or HH) anyone, isn’t royal (for Pretender checks).

Assa Fake Claim #5 – Princess

How to Fake Claim as Princess: 

If your Mastermind is not claiming Princess, Princess can be a good claim for Assassin. You can use the information from Mastermind’s foresight to help your fake claim have more outside information. So for your N1 you might want to claim to have checked someone that is outed or a day 1 Neutral. You could also claimed to have checked the convert N1, but people might catch on that they are Unseen if you use them the night they were converted. For N2 or any other night I would say the convert is fair game to Flirt. For N3 you can use information from who your Mastermind Foresighted N2. You just have to be mindful about claiming to visit people the night after because they could be jailed. So if your MM informs you that they checked [7] as Invest conversion type, you can write them as S/I in your logs for N3. Remember that Physician is offensive and Knight is support conversion class type! 

Princess | 

  • N1 – Flirt 11 – S/S | 
  • N2 – Flirt 3 – S/I | 
  • N3 – Flirt 7 – S/I | 

Because you are claiming Princess, you will most likely be asked to step. Stepping as starting Assa when MM successfully obtained a N1 convert is really good because if you become king, the Apprentice passive will be passed to the third member when he becomes Assassin. This only occurs if you have a convert when the starting Assassin (or MM) steps, though. 

Pros: Can use MM foresight to create logs,  can step for EK more easily, Uncommon Assa claim. 

Cons: Common MM claim, doesn’t fit Assa’s class type, Assa doesn’t have royal blood.

Assa Fake Claim #6 – Sheriff

How to Fake Claim as Sheriff: 

If you’re fake claiming this class it is especially important to make sure your MM is not also claiming Sheriff. Since you’re Assassin, you know everyone that is NS so it’s pretty easy to make Sheriff logs. Of course, you should remember to create a fake scout and use Surveillance N4 and afterward to make it seem like you’re looking for MM.

You can bus the third convert as Unseen or visited as long as you inform them. The benefit of busing the convert the night they are converted (through scout) is that it makes you seem more legitimate. However, outing the third member as unseen D3 when they were converted N1 is good for the Mastermind because they can convert again N3 (conversion cool down ends the following night after a conversion). 

Since you are somewhat expendable as Assassin, you could also claim that an important BD (not the prince) is Unseen to kill a BD member. Better yet, getting Prince to chain jail and then exe a BD is great if you can pull it off. So when you announce that you’ve found someone as Unseen, say “This is likely the Assassin, Prince can jail so they don’t get kills” and Princes usually don’t understand the idea of chain jailing so they will probably just execute the first night they jail — which means the Prince lost his executes and can’t kill any real unseen in jail. When it turns out that the person you labeled as Unseen was BD, you should first claim that the person you checked must’ve been framed… to see if you can get out of that situation. If that doesn’t work, obviously you will be executed, but it may be worth it to divert attention from your MM and also to kill at least one other BD (making Prince lose his exe is more ideal, but one BD death during the day isn’t bad if you have 3 members and can convert again after your death). 

The one thing you want to avoid as Assassin is being jail executed (or chain jailed), because you won’t get to kill or convert anyone that night. So if you’re on trial after killing a BD, maybe don’t defend yourself so hard; it’s better for you to die on trial. So if your third member is [3], then your logs would look like this: 

Sheriff | 

  • D1 – Scout 7 until stated otherwise | 
  • N1 – Invest 7 – NS/MM | 
  • N2 – Invest 3 – Unseen! | 
  • N3 – Invest 5 – NS/MM | 
  • N4 – Surv 8 – NS | 

You also have the option of bussing your Mastermind past N4, but it’s more risky. 

Pros: you know everything that’s NS, easy to fake logs, can bus. 

Cons: doesn’t fit Assa’s class type, common MM claim.

Assa Fake Claim #7 – Chronomancer

How to Fake Claim as Chronomancer: 

Chronomancer is a very easy claim to fake and is very hard to confirm. You can claim occupied N1 on King to prevent being outed as fake by Gossip meta, just yolo claim to be on King N1 and hope there are no Nobles, or just claim to TW someone else if you specify a reason for doing so. For example, you can claim to TW [16] N1 because you believe they are frequently attacked N1. 

You should also be protecting outed BD, and can whisper other protective roles for a protective exchange. It also helps to be able to copy and paste whispers with other BD if anyone asks: 
D2: Random Name (You) [2]: I’ll warp you if you heal me 
Random Name [9]: ok 

Chronomancer | 

  • N1 – TW 16 – DND |  (16 always dies n1 lol)
  • N2 – TW 9 – DND | 
  • N3 – TW 9 – DND | 

Once again, it’s good to get healers off of other BD so that you can kill more people successfully 🙂 

Pros: easy to fake claim, hard to prove fake, can make connections with other BD. 

Cons: doesn’t fit Assa’s class type, hard to prove as real so you might be executed because you’re a class that’s not easily confirmable.

Assa Fake Claim #8 – Court Wizard

How to Fake Claim as Court Wizard (CW):

Good Court Wizard logs consist of 3 things: 1) Swaps 2) Clear Minds 3) Empowers on targets that make sense.

For your fake Tornadoes, I recommend logging one of them on N1/N2/N3. This is because statistically, these are the nights that are the least likely for anyone to randomly visit either of the two targets you claimed to swap. No confirmation = no refutation; if no one visited either of the targets they can’t disprove your claim — and obviously you’re not a real CW who has real swaps to confirm. I personally do my fake swaps on N1. Most people don’t think that N1 swaps are suspicious because they assume that a fake CW won’t claim to swap anyone — that’s where they’re wrong 😉 Of course, you don’t have to do a fake swap N1, you can do it whenever, but I recommend using at least one fake swap N1-N3. 

For nights where you don’t swap, you can claim to Empower outed offensives (as long as you don’t attack them), socials on conversion nights, or supports if someone announces a bleed and you want to claim that you were ensuring a healer wouldn’t get occupied (don’t claim this unless the bled person got healed and you know the target wasn’t occupied). 

You can get the third Unseen member to confirm a swap for you by telling him to visit one of the swap targets [2] and to claim redirected to them [15]. 

You should claim to Clear Mind people whenever an Unseen member had died the previous night, and maybe even D2 “Incase they failed the N1 convert”. 

Making connections is super strong as CW. If you whisper an offensive that you will be on them, it can protect you from occupation/redirection if they trust you. Be careful about claiming to empower a Butler though, they can party and catch you in a lie. You can also claim to have Empower Aided someone who is death immune if you think they are the Neutral Killer. If someone asks you to swap two specific people, consider killing them if they will not be protected. 

Court Wizard | 

  • N1 – Swap 7/12 | 
  • D2 – CM 15 | 
  • N2 – Empower 7 – Not aided | 
  • N3 – Swap 2/15 | 
  • D4 – CM 8 | 
  • N4 – Empower 14 – Aided! | 

Basically, the busier your logs look… the better. Try to refrain from claiming to Empower people for multiple nights in a row. 

Pros: Pretty easy to make logs, can have third unseen confirm a swap for you.

Cons: Doesn’t fit Assa’s class type, can’t swap if asked, NK can kill the offensives you were supposed to be Empowering.

Assa Fake Claim #9 – Maid

How to Fake Claim as Maid: 

First thing to do is make sure your Mastermind isn’t trying to claim Maid if you want to claim it. Remember that you’re somewhat expendable as Assassin. So when claiming Maid, your goal should be to at least get two BD killed (since Maid claims aren’t really for survival). You should still have proper log conduct… like, mentioning who your starting target is in your logs. 

As an Assassin faking Maid, you would probably want to out two people as Incompatible day 2. If they are both royal, or if one is NK, great, you look super confirmed. However, your main purpose is to cause some chaos (distract the court from finding real leads for at least two days) and try to get the two people you claimed were incompatible killed. When they both show up as BD, claim that you must’ve hit a Scorned frame to see if you can try to get another BD killed. However, it’s totally fine to get yourself killed as Assa in order to effectively waste 2 days and kill 2 BD. You don’t have to play like this, but if you’re going to claim Maid as Assassin this is probably the most helpful way of doing so. If you want a more stable route, you can also bus your third member to open up the conversion slot if you tell them your plan during the night. 

Maid | 

  • D1 – Start 8 | 
  • N1 – MM [8 & 11] = Incompatible | 
  • N2 – MM [11 & 13] = Incompatible | 

If [8] is your starting match and is executed first, then you could claim [11] is incompatible with the next person you match them with [13] so that you get [11] executed on stand. However, if [11] was executed D2 and flipped BD, then you will probably want to say that the next person you match [11] with Matches with them. 

Pros: Can waste BD’s time, can kill 2 or more BD.

Cons: Isn’t good for survivability, doesn’t fit Assa’s class type, common MM claim.

Assa Fake Claim #10 – Butler

How to Fake Claim as Butler: 

When you’re fake claiming Butler as Assassin, I would use dead people, jailed targets, and the third member in your logs. That should get you to live long enough… adding your MM in your logs is a bad idea though, unless you think you will survive all game. You can also claim to occupy people who announce that they were occupied in your logs. 

For example, if [7] announces that they were occupied D3, then you could claim to have occupied them N2 in your logs. Also, if [3] was successfully converted N1, you could tell them “Welcome to the Unseen, you were occupied last night” during the time slot after they were converted, but before the night ends. Remember to prepare the message beforehand and send it when he was converted. 

You could also fill in nights where you have nothing with “Party” which is the Butler’s Concentrated Wine ability. If someone asks you to occupy someone in particular, kill the person they told you to occupy or the person who asked if they aren’t protected. 

Butler | 

  • N1 – Wine 3, Success | 
  • N2 – Wine 7, Success | 
  • N3 – Party! | 
  • N4 – Wine 13, Imprisoned | 

As always, if you hit an imprisoned target add that to your logs. If you get caught as occupiable or redirectable, ask your Mastermind to bus you during the night (though, your occupation or redirection could be due to a mercenary standing guard or a Court Wizard tornadoing, so it doesn’t always out you as evil right away). Delete your fake Butler logs when you are being bussed because you don’t want BD to gain any additional information from your fake logs. 

Pros: Fits Assa’s class type (K/O), can use third Unseen member(s) to help “confirm” you, Uncommonish assa claim.

Cons: Can’t occupy anyone independently, assa isn’t occupy or redirection immune.

Assa Fake Claim #11 – Observer

How to fake claim as Observer: 

In order to pull off an Observer claim as Assassin, you need to pay attention to what the court is saying. You can also ask your MM to copy and paste Little Birds whispers from during the day if they contain visiting information. For the most part, I would say that logging outed information is pretty much the only way you can make real Observer logs as Assassin. 

You can also read dead people’s logs if you’re a bit behind… You can try to predict which classes will visit who (like following an outed Physician and assuming that they would visit a bled target or an outed Prince). Or you could also claim to follow a protective class day after day to ensure that you find the killer if they were to die. 
Using the third Unseen member in your logs is also a good idea so that your follows aren’t full of only outed information. 

If [7] is a Princess that claims [15] is K/O, and [15] is forced to out as Prince D2, then you can write that in your N1 logs. Maybe your Marshal [3] decides to visit [14], that’s your N2. You can peek as a last resort, but make sure it’s a reasonable peek (for instance, peeking suspicious claims such as knights or hunters). If you find the Princess as death immune, Peek them as neutral because they’re Pretender. You could also Peek the NK, but it’s better to follow them to someone who is dead — even if you were the one who killed them. 

Observer | 

  • N1 – Follow 15 | 7 > [15] > X | 
  • N2 – Follow 3 | X > [3] > 14 | 
  • N3 – Follow 16 – Imprisoned | 
  • N4 – Peek 7 – Neutral | 

You can also try to get someone killed if you can’t keep up with your logs… if you would get executed for having no logs for certain nights anyway, it’s better to take someone down with ya. You could do a similar thing as I recommended with Sheriff too — by claiming to follow someone attack another person who died and framing them as Assassin to get Prince to lose his executes. 

Pros: Solid claim if done correctly, Uncommon assa claim, you can kill people with fake logs.

Cons: Logs are difficult to create, can’t follow people you are asked to follow, doesn’t fit Assa’s class type.

Assa Fake Claim #12 – Noble

How to fake claim Noble:

I can’t offer you any I unique advice for how to claim Noble as Assassin that is any different from claiming MM… except for the fact that you don’t have Little Birds as Assa, so you will have to ask your MM to send you whispers during the night so that you can put them in your logs and copy and paste them later on. Steal those twins! 

Pros: Not a suspicious claim in Unseen games, uncommon Assa claim, can ask third Unseen to fake a Political Pressure vote.

Cons: You can’t twin, have no ability to read whispers, doesn’t fit Assa’s class type.

Other Claims as Assassin

You could claim Paladin, but it will likely make you seem like a Fool and get you jail executed (which you don’t want as assassin). The only time where claiming Paladin could work is when you are jailed N1 as Assa. You can throw Prince off by causing him to expect few deaths for N1, and making you less suspicious. Claiming Mystic might be viable now that PM was removed, but I couldn’t guide you on it. Claiming Prince as Assassin (after D1) will also get you jail exed — unless the Prince just doesn’t jail you for whatever reason… so I wouldn’t recommend doing that.

Tiered list of Fake claims for MM and Assassin

This list is based on the idea that higher risks = higher rewards. Not everything fits perfectly.

Mastermind  | 

  • 1. Drunk                        
  • 2. Observer                   
  • 3. Butler                         
  • 4. Physician                  
  • 5. Court Wizard            
  • 6. Chronomancer       
  • 7. Princess                  
  • 8. Maid.                      
  • 9. Sheriff.

Exceptions: Knight, Hunter, Noble 

Assassin | 

  • 1. Observer 
  • 2. Drunk
  • 3. Butler
  • 4. Princess
  • 5. Court Wizard
  • 6. Chronomancer
  • 7. Physician 
  • 8. Maid 
  • 9. Sheriff
  • 10. Hunter
  • 11. Knight 

Exceptions: Noble 

Classes that are higher on the list are less suspicious and harder to deduce, but are also more difficult to claim. 

Why is it Good to Claim Outside of the Box?

  • People will be less expecting of your claim.
  • It makes the game more interesting for everyone.
  • It provides a challenge for yourself as a fake claimer, and for others as deducers.
  • It encourages players to take higher risks for higher rewards.
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