Thronefall – Durstein Guide 6/7 Mutators

Durstein Guide

Included words, Hero = you, Any for whatever you like, sword = warrior units if I was mistaken the name.

Using 6 mutators, not using Turtle for extra HP. You can mix some of the buffs, but need the extra coins.

I used these perks:

  • Royal mint (castle gold)
  • Elite warriors (think its more HP/damage?)
  • Melee resistance (dont remember name, change)

For units, you will feel the need for hunters (ranged and does melee). They do “insane” damage for mobs and riders.

Wave 1

Build ranged hunters, 1 mine, 1 farm + field.

  • To get hunters, stall the horses with them at their spawn.

Wave 2

If you got extra money, build any mines when able in the first rounds and/or farm.

  • Put hunters in the “S” corner will block almost or all enemies there.

Wave 3

Build 3 houses, 2-3 full farms, 1 sword.

Use swords for ranged units. Hunters for the horses, players has to help against the ranged units as they spawn earlier.

Wave 4

Upgrade Castle (any), upgrade all farms full, build 1 house.

Might need 1 unit to help you with ranged, else all units to the top.

Wave 5

Any income building.

Use all units, locked from above helps, try to avoid unit deaths by explosion.

Wave 6

Upgrade castle any, buy spikes top area, upgrade farms and houses.

Sword units to ranged + hero, and hunter to top monsters.

Wave 7

Upgrade sword, build + upgrade hunter, spikes + spikes for the S corner, walls x2 against the horses, 1 crossbow.

1+2 (those near the wall) towers above the S corner + 3 for the horse side.

Focus a lot of melee + ranged units for wave on the left + hero, and maybe some help on the horse side with whatever units.

Place 2 hunters right above the S to help against the monsters.

Wave 8

Upgrade all 2 top walls 2x, upgrade any.

Hero help any side, need units everywhere, less units where you help.

Wave 9

Upgrade any if wanted, prefer unit upgrades.

Do like previous round, however you like.

Wave 10


Hunters needed + some swords to help the top.

Focus biggest wave with most units, some hunters target S corners.

Wave 11

Any, could need more units if wanted.

Most units focus giants, but leave enough hunters and defence for the top wave not breaking the wall.

Wave 12

Any, but needs a lot of units.

You will be needed everywhere same for units, pick a side which you can defend to be less units, I go with leading giants/golems at the left side or top right side.

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