Thymesia – How to Parry

How to Parry in Thymesia

We’re here to teach you how to parry in Thymesia, which is wonderful news if that’s what you’re intending to do. Thymesia is a brutally quick action role-playing game where powerful foes are constantly thrown at you. The only way to survive it is to become an expert with all of your defensive tools. While learning to dodge is simple enough, you’ll also need to become proficient at parrying in Thymesia due to the overwhelming ferocity of most foes.

The parry mechanism in Thymesia is a little interesting because you can actually parry in two distinct ways, even though timing is still crucial. Each has its own applications and may both be altered as you level up by discovering new talents. To decide whether you wish to change them, you must first comprehend the fundamentals of each.

The first type of parry is generally what you would anticipate. To repel an attack, you swing a little dagger when you press the left bumper or L1. You may do this pretty quickly to get lucky against some attacks, but in order to successfully block faster or more focused combinations, you must time your button presses to coincide with the incoming blows.

The only strikes in Thymesia that you cannot parry are unblockable red ones, but you won’t see many of those until later in the game, so don’t worry about it too much just yet.

You’ll be happy to know that you can actually use talent points to acquire the ability to take a defensive stance in its place if you really can’t get the hang of this. While this won’t completely eliminate damage, it can significantly lessen the impact of incoming assaults, which may make the game more accessible to players with timing issues.

How to Feather Parry

You are required to throw out feathers in the other Thymesia parry, and you start out with three. But don’t worry, they gradually regenerate. This can be done by pressing the left trigger or L2, although this kind of parry only counters assaults from opponents who are glowing green. This will only work if you timing it right before the opponent attack hits. It’s a difficult one to practice, but you’ll have plenty of opportunities throughout the tutorial early on in the game.

Additionally, this Thymesia parry can be changed to become more aggressive, switch to a melee parry, or even acquire more feathers to employ simultaneously. Additionally, different parry styles can be unlocked through abilities; our favorite is one that is evocative of Sekiro’s Mikiri Counter. With the Step and Jump ability, you can jump off of your opponent and dodge into green assaults to launch follow-up attacks into the air.

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