Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Myth Rank Guide

Myth Rank

Hitting max character level on your Fatemaker isn’t the end of your journey—some might even call it the beginning. Once you’ve ascended to the highest level (level 40 at launch), you’ll unlock access to Myth Rank, a new form of endgame progression that further increases your power.

Once you reach max level, earning additional experience will increase a new leveling bar representing your Myth Rank, with a new Myth Point awarded each time you fill the bar. Myth Rank manifests itself as a collection of constellations, which you can see in your inventory menu via a new tab to spend any Myth Points you’ve earned.

These constellations are divided into four quadrants, each representing a new form of mastery: Druid (strengthening your companion damage and synergistic stats), Archmage (supplementing your spellcasting abilities), Blademaster (all about melee damage), and Deadeye (focused on gun proficiency). Each time you level up your Myth Rank, you’ll move to the next quadrant in a clockwise motion; in other words, you’ll be diversifying your points across all four quadrants so you won’t be able to focus solely on one.

For each constellation, you’ll need to decide if you want to move further along the path of connected nodes, unlocking them one by one, or invest your Myth Points into nodes you’ve already unlocked. By increasing your Myth Rank, you’ll continue to grow in power and can test yourself with increasingly difficult content, like the highest echelons of Chaos Levels.

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