Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Tips on Farming Currency!

The One Thing That Might Keep You from 100%

If you’re already playing the game or plan on getting it later and want to 100% this might effect you. Out of all the tasks in Wonderlands there is one that is guaranteed to take you a long time to finish. For longtime fans of Borderlands this might not be news to you. It’s the dreaded max inventory trophy. A costly endeavor that requires days and days of grinding currency to max out each inventory slot from weapon ammo to bank space. So here I give you my top three tips to farming currency in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands (spoiler free baby!)

My Top 3 Tips on Farming Currency!

1. Goblin Pickaxe: This legendary weapon will fleece your enemies by dropping gold with every hit. It’s also one of the legendary weapons you can farm early in the game by farming the Ancient Obelisk in Mount Craw.

2. Shrine of Mool Ah: Make sure to complete your shrines. This shrine will net you a 10% boost to gold.

3. Chaos Chamber: This end-game mode allows you to collect points to spend in a special vendor section that can make it easier to farm rare loot for selling or keeping. Stocking up on purple and gold loot can net you a hefty sum, especially if its enchanted. Just make sure you raise that RNG for extra legendary loots.

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