Tomomon – 3v3 Turnbased Battle System Explanatory Guide

A simple explanation about Tomomon battle system.

3v3 Turnbased Battle System Explained

Tomomon 3v3 Turnbased Battle System

  • Each team has 3 monsters to control.
  • Action to choose each turn:
  • Wild: Normal Attack /Skill /Item /Skip/ Capture/ Run
  • Tamer: Normal Attack /Skill /Item /Skip
  • Normal Attack: Select a single enemy target to proceed the normal attack.
  • Skill: Select an active skill to proceed.
  • Item: Select an item to proceed.
  • Skip: Do nothing.
  • Capture (Wild only): Proceed capturing sequence.
  • Run (Wild only): Yeah, run.

End Battle Condition

  • Wild: The wild Tomomon is captured or fainted.
  • Tamer: All of Tomomons on a team are fainted.

How to capture a Tomomon

Just encounter a wild Tomomon, go to battle and choose to fight.

Once the UI to select specific actions show up, you can look at to top left corner of the screen, the capturing UI is there.

Created by Gia Gia

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