Tonight We Riot – Achievement Guide / Walkthrough

A guide to every achievement in Tonight We Riot as well as a basic walkthrough.


Welcome comrades! This guide will get you every achievement in the wonderful game Tonight We Riot! For achievements that involve unlocks of weapons, I will give some tips for the correspondent level. Keep in mind that the only friendly fire in this game involved environmental hazards as well as the bombs you unlock.

Achievement Guide

Obtain Pipe Wrench
Heavy-hitting pipe fitting

Given after completing 1-1 with 3 cogs. To receive 3 cogs for a level, you need to beat that level with a certain number of workers, seen at the bottom of the screen when completing a level (you will see the item that level unlocks assigned to a certain number of workers needed to save) Levels can be redone at any time to try for 3 cogs. I recommend getting 3 cogs as you progress to be equipped for later levels, but it’s up to you. For best results, liberate every building, take things slow, try and attack enemies with throwables from a safe distance, and ensure your fellow workers are out of harms way. Keep in mind that throwables are amplified when more people are able to attack the enemy, meaning that a single use of a molotov/cinderblock could potentially result in 15 or more of them being thrown and used against the enemy.

1-1 is an easy enough level, utilize the throwables you are given and avoid the tear gas at the end.

Get through any street fighting level without throwing anything or hurting anyone

Simply load up 1-2 and race to the end by running past and jumping over enemies. Some of the later unlocks such as the speed, bullet + hose resistance, and the riot shield are helpful, but not necessary.

Obtain Monkey Wrench
Sabotage shuriken

Given after completing 1-2 with 3 cogs

1-2 is similar to 1-1 in difficulty, except there are propane tanks you need to watch out for, as they will kill you and your fellow workers if too close. Activate these at a distance and direct your team away from the blast.

Obtain Gas Masks
Dystopian chic

Given after completing 1-3 with 3 cogs

Watch out for propane tanks, and the enemies have guns now! Use throwables in large groups to envelop the police gunners. For the mounted gun vehicles, use molotovs (either as a mass attack or carefully out of range). Keep in mind they can only shoot you if they are on the same plane as you (if there’s a gun on the top shooting left you can go to the bottom to avoid the shots completely).

Obtain Haymarket Bomb
A powerful historical artifact!

Given after completing 1-4 with 3 cogs.

Use the strategy for vehicles discussed in the previous section. It is often helpful to lure enemies towards your team for effective destruction. For the boss at the end, watch out for the hops (direct workers away from shadow when possible) and spam throwables when it is exposed. The bombs you unlock here are very useful for the rest of the entire game. Always use them as long range, high damage attacks.

Historical Accuracy
Stage Haymarket reenactment

You will need to unlock the Haymarket Bombs (3 cogs in 1-4) for this. This achievement can be unlocked in 1-4. In the beginning of the level, where 16 riot cops are in close formation, simply throw a Haymaker Bomb or two at them to kill as many as possible in a single blast.

Obtain Chainsaw
So gross

Given after completing 2-1 with 3 cogs.

For this level, watch out for falling trees. Note that whenever you see a team of 2 or 3 chainsaw enemies with a single libertarian commander, if you kill the commander before the others, the survivors will join you as workers. A strategy of dealing with them is simply to rush them and melee them with a melee weapon twice. This is not always easy to do, but worth considering depending on the situation. The giant plow vehicles can be destroyed with 1 well placed Haymaker Bomb, or with a mass assault of molotovs. At the very end, rush the bottom hose vehicle (have your team stay behind) and melee it from beneath it, and then destroy the vehicle with the gun up top. The chainsaw is a great melee weapon that can make quick work of normal riot enemies.

Obtain Throwing Wood Axe
Sport of the future

Given after completing 2-2 with 3 cogs.

Take things slow here and conserve your throwables somewhat. When you get to the two shipping containers, chuck a bomb at the right one to take out the commander quickly. For the left container, spam throwables into it with your team. Rush the last two vehicles and spam molotovs/cinderblocks.

Obtain Bulletproof Vest
Bullets do less damage

Given after completing 2-3 with 3 cogs

Use throwables and watch for hazards, including the new spike pits (shown as yellow piles of leaves). When you get to the two buildings that are side by side, instantly take out the commander that comes right after to convert a few more workers. Where the boxes are piled up, destroy them rather than parkour over them. Use mass assault for the gun vehicles, and ignore the top route at the end.

Obtain Socialized Medicine
Regain Lost Health

Given after completing 2-4 with 3 cogs

Rush every commander in the level and kill them before the chainsaw enemies. Rush past the dual vehicles with guns, and either take down the helicopter or rush past it carefully. Watch out for the bombs either way.

Not Now
Liberate a building at the worst possible time

In the level 2-Boss, you will be in a truck escaping a giant woodchipper. Throughout the level there are two buildings that can be liberated. Simply liberate either of them during the mission to unlock this unfortunately timed achievement.

Corporate Ladder
Sorry, you can’t climb those ladders, but here’s an achievement

Throughout the 3rd world, the Dockyards, there are occasionally ladders seen in the background. The easiest way to get this is to go in 3-1 (only one I know works for certain) to the first yellow ladder you see and attempt to climb it (by moving up and jumping).

Obtain Boots
Less knockback from fire hoses

Given after completing 3-1 with 3 cogs

Your only real concern for this level are the toxic barrels that can instantly turn workers into monsters. Monsters are tough but their ranged attacks are not. Detonate the barrels when safe and wait for the gas to clear before proceeding. They can also turn enemies.

Obtain Snowballs
Stop your opponents cold

Given after completing 3-2 with 3 cogs

Watch for toxic barrels once more, as well as the new holes in the dock (X-shaped planks). Rush the vehicles at the end and just reach the flag to end the level without even having to destroy them.

Bad at Videogames
Fall off the dock an unacceptable number of times

In 3-2 onwards to 3-Boss, there are unsturdy wooden planks that will cause you to fall through into the water if you step on them. Simply step on and fall through too many of them.

Obtain Fishing Nets
Trap enemies in place

Given after completing 3-3 with 3 cogs

There are now red explosive barrels that explode instantly, so be careful. Use bombs for the vehicles at the end or just rush for the goal. The fishing nets unlocked are great for locking enemies in place to run past or execute.

Net Gains
Capture a slippery capitalist in a net

At the end of each non-Boss level, you will storm an armory and raise a flag, causing a few slimy little capitalists to scurry out and panic. Once you’ve unlocked the Fishing Nets, you can throw them at the capitalists for fun.

Obtain Solidarity Megaphone
Temporary boost to workers

Given after completing 3-4 with 3 cogs

The required number of workers for 3 cogs is pretty generous here, so be fast and avoid the deadly barrels. Rush the vehicles and attack all together. Treat the ending miniboss as the mechs from earlier.

Unlock all three extra workers at level start

You unlock one extra worker that will join you at the start of each level by completing the first 3 bossfights with 3 cogs each. After doing this on 1-Boss, 2-Boss, 3-Boss, this achievement should be unlocked.

For the first boss, have your workers stay in the bottom right corner, and position yourself towards the middle. You should be able to easily avoid all of the attacks. When you dodge them, call your fellow workers and spam throwables at the hands, then have them hide again. Rinse and repeat.

For the second, simply dodge the obstacles and take the speed ramps. No need to liberate those buildings (except for the “Not Now” achievement).

For the third boss, have your team wait in the bottom right again. Stand on the button to activate the claw, bringing explosive barrels to the monster. You can spam jump to avoid any attacks, but you should be fine.

Obtain Sunglasses
To better deal with lasers

Given after completing 4-1 with 3 cogs

Melee each dog pillar 3 times to progress, swarm segway cops and net them in place before spamming them with throwables. Destroy the pillars at the end and rush the flag.

You Can Definitely Outrun Them
Avoid fighting every segway cop in a level

Similar to “Pacifist”, you can just rush through 4-2 as quickly as possible. The late game unlocks are very helpful here. You can damage/kill any enemies besides the segway cops. If your fellow workers damage them or they are hit by friendly fire, you should be fine as long as you don’t do damage,

Obtain Popsi Cans
What a treat!

Given after completing 4-2 with 3 cogs

Use all of the tools you’ve unlocked this far to defeat anything that stands in your way. Focus on speed and swarm tactics.

Joined the Conversation
Offer friendly riot police officers a coke

Throw a popsi can (unlocked by getting 3 cogs in 4-2) at a riot cop in game to unlock this achievement.

Obtain Riot Shield
I’m rubber, and you’re glue

Given after completing 4-3 with 3 cogs

This one can be a little difficult, so go slow and utilize your bombs. Net the heavy enemies to essentially render them useless, then you can execute them however you’d like. The axes also work well against them when spammed.

Obtain Tracksuit
Run faster. Cheeki Breeki.

Given after completing 4-4 with 3 cogs. This level has you on the road evading police cars, roadblocks, and helicopter bombs. You can also burst fire a machine gun behind you, but it tends not to do very much. Keep your eyes on the right side of the screen and do your best to weave between obstacles and swerve for cop cars. For helicopter bombs, I recommend tricking them by driving on the bottom of the screen so the bombs are dropped on the bottom, and then by quickly swerving up to avoid them. There is also a glitch I came across where when I restarted the level (not by going to the overworld, but by resetting the stage at game over), I was invincible to the cop cars/parked cars. If you’re able to replicate this, you’ll know because your gun won’t make any sounds when shooting.

Obtain Riot Dog
A faithful comrade in battle

Unlocked for completing 4-Boss with 3 cogs. This was the level I had the most trouble with. Chainsaw every riot shield you see on the first floor, then go into the elevator. After the ride, chainsaw the segways and then the riot shields (can also bomb them). In the second elevator ride, you will have 2 heavy enemies to deal with. Direct your fellow workers to bunch up in the bottom right corner. Net them as soon as they land and execute them. Head RIGHT after the ride and bomb the line of riot shields. Proceed and net the heavy. For the third ride, send the workers in the corner again, and then cinderblock the 4 chainsaws that land inside the elevator.

After that, chainsaw/molotov/axe the lone libertarian weirdo and bomb the line of riot shields. Cinderblock all drones (let the auto aim do the work for you when you’re close enough, also have your team with you so there’s a lot of them being thrown) Net the heavy you see or use snowballs if you’re out. IMPORTANT before you head into the elevator, go left to liberate the last building. Bomb the lines, cinderblock the drones, and snowball/net the heavy once more, then liberate the extra workers. For the final elevator ride fight, you have a mech to deal with. Direct your team to avoid the jumps and spam molotovs. Awkwardly stare at the capitalist that falls out. Congrats!

Corporate Takeover
Take down Chet’s sphere by getting to the controls instead of throwing things at it

I got this achievement for simply beating the final boss. If anyone has any other experiences, let me know.

Yeet the Rich
Overthrow the regime

Unlocked for beating the game. For the final boss fight, avoid the attacks and throw molotovs at the weak points. You’ve saved the world!

Good at Videogames
Get farther than the developers could in endless mode

Endless mode is unlocked upon completing the normal game. You select it by choosing “Permanent Revolution”. For this achievement, you need to survive/kill your way through the enemies as they come. The best way to do this is spam bombs and whatever your favorite weapons (the POW drops replenish all your special ammo, including the megaphone!) At one point, you’ll see a popup where the devs remark how you’ve gotten further than they were able to. This is NOT the end. You will have to keep fighting through waves for a while longer as more popups appear delivering some insight into the game’s development. [SPOILERS] After the 50 riot dogs are sent to help you out, and after the helicopters that were cut from the game are called in, you should be good. I died as soon as the helicopters came, which was wave 55 for me. I got the achievement upon death.

Golden Parachute
Catch big air with a pigeon

In level 3-4, grab a pigeon at the start of the level by going up to it and pressing the melee button. With it in your hands, venture a little further into the level until you see a large set of boxes just before the vehicle with the gun. Jump off and hold right, gliding on past all you can.

Huge thank you to Pixel Pushers Union 512 to helping me figure this and “Skippity Skip, Skip” out! Communism will win!

Skippity Skip, Skip
[Hidden achievement]

For this achievement, you need to discover a neat little easter egg in 1-2. In the beginning of the level, there are a bunch of pigeons. One of them is a little bigger than the others. Go up to it and grab it by pressing the melee button. While it’s in your hand, jump up to the stone platform right above you and stand on top for a little bit. Volla!

Huge thank you to Pixel Pushers Union 512 to helping me figure this and “Golden Parachute” out! Communism will win!

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