Tools Up! – 100% Achievement Guide

This guide covers all achievements that are available in game.

All Achievements

Note: Credit goes to (Dante) MaciekDate


These achievements focus on campaign.

It Was Supposed to Be an Easy Job…
Enter campaign mode. You’ll get it after the end of first cutscene/intro.

First Day at Work
Complete first level.

Tea at the Garden Party
Reach 3rd floor.

Song of Ice and Snow
Reach 5th floor.

Manor at the Top
Reach 7th floor.

Halfway There!
Finish 15 levels.

Dungeons and Wagons
Reach 9th floor.

Who You Gonna Call?
Reach roof floor (highest floor achievable by elevator).

5% of Players Do This
Go to the 30th level. You have to take elevator to highest floor. Then climb two ladders up.

All-Star Player
Accumulate 90 stars. Basically get 3 stars for every level.

Biome Related

All of these achievements require specific map to unlock. I marked levels with numbers from party mode and campaign mode.


  • PM = party mode
  • C = campaign

Fishing Time
In levels [2.1 and 2.2(PM)/6 and 7 (C)] there are water areas. There are carpets and buckets swimming in pool/river. You just have to fish one of them out of water.

Doggy, No!
In level [4-4(PM)/19 (C)] there is a dog. It often blocks your way. You have to stumble over it.

The Floor Is Lava!
In level [5-3(PM)/23 (C)] there are lava pools. You have to walk into lava.

In level [6-1(PM)/26 (C)] there are bridges. You have to fall off of one of them.

Swimming Time
In levels [2.1 and 2.2(PM)/6 and 7 (C)] there are water areas. You have to be thrown into water by other player.

Others Achievements

I Can’t See It!
While holding a blueprint press either [Q], [E] on keyboard or any of bumpers or triggers on controller.

Expert Botcher
Use wrong on paint on wall. You can see what paint is right on blueprint.

Breach, Clear!
Hold [F] (keyboard), X (Xbox controller), ⬜ (PS controller) next door. Front doors don’t count!

Ain’t No Shakin’ Without Breakin’
Put garbage into bucket that already has something in it other than rubbish (like glue).

Three-Point Field Goal
Simply pick up another player and throw him out.

Catch something midair. Can be easily done while playing co-op.

Catch ‘Em All!
Earn 75 stars in campaign mode to unlock all characters.

Expert Doom Architect
You have to slip on something while holding glue/paint bucket/bucket full of something. Then make another player slip on your stain.

It’s a Trap!
Delivery guy always comes one way in current map. Just throw/slip with glue/paint bucket/bucket full of something to make a stain on his way and let him slip on it.

Creative Architect
Destroy wrong wall. You can see how walls should be right on blueprint.

Good Times
You have to press [Space] (keyboard), A (Xbox controller), X (PS controller) while midair. You have to be thrown into air by other player to do this. Lava won’t work.

Leave Me Alone!
First you have to be hold by other player. Then try to wiggle out. On controller try to move left-right with analog stick. On keyboard try to spam [A], [D] keys respectively.

Got Ya!
Catch another player midair.

You Shall Not Pass
This achievement requires you to install a door in wrong place. You can kick doors out or destroy walls that are adjacent to doors. Then either demolish walls to make one space for doors between wall or build 2 walls with space in the middle.

Best Party Ever
Complete all maps in Party mode on 3 stars. Note that you unlock levels in Party mode by completing them in campaign!

Couch Co-Op
You have to play as 4 players and all of them have to hold couch in one moment.

Earn all of the achievements possible.

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