Tornado: Research and Rescue – How to Storm Chase

Guide to Storm Chase

Note: Credit goes to montybacopa

Ok firstly click the start button and then change the setting to what you want.

I would recommend career if you want to. You can change the death to disabled or tornado only wind if you put on realistic a mean wind spawns.

And cells will move most likely SW or NE with the right tornado movers. The tornadoes can be stronger and dates you can put any date.

If you want a notable event But do not glorify death or destruction.

Now click play now click esc if you want to change settings there.

There are a lot of options if you want to change them change you can!

Now to the storm chasing part go on roads and go near or in the red square.

Then wait until a cloud or on radar a blue square or squares appear go to them and then follow it and in about in 1-4 mintues a funnel should form.

Soon touch down in the area when it touches down a interceptmeter should show a number.

Then go to the path that you think it will take and go there when your interceptmeter reaches – stop and then press q and go behind the truck and press enter then the dorty will deploy.

Do not drive until it fully deployed. Go in the car or if you are inside the car drive not that far but not in the path or windfield.

Then when the tornado passed drive to dorty and make it so dorty is behind the truck.

Then leave the car and prees enter behind the truck.

You can drive at the same time but this may be patched by the time your reading this and btw if it says a city names and red go to the city and go to the siren and press enter the nyour warn the people!

Have fun on the next tornado chase!

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