Total Conflict: Resistance – Best Starter Nation

Which Is Best Starter Nation?


It is nice. If you are on Easy mode and do not attack anyone. Nobody will attack you for a very long time. Enough for you to research everything and gain good Diplomacy with neighbours, up to Alliances with both of them.

Rebel Factions

Any of the rebel factions I’d argue are the easiest. You start with such a huge army you can conquer half the map in 20 minutes.

I’d suggest the rebel faction which under the Baykadam Communism.

You’ll always start in a peninsula, you can quickly storm a nation in a week with your armor vehicles before they turn the resources into soldiers against you.

Once you took a region in a week and use the resource to replenish your troops, the rest neighbors were just free to take, the rest of the country too.

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