Total War: Empire – Definitive Edition – Possible Fix To Minimize Game

Minimal changes to hopefully fix minimizing issues with Total War: Empire.

List to Check

1. At your Empire exe, right click, properties, on one computer I had to run in compatibility mode for Win 7 in order to safely minimize the game. Win XP service pack 3 also worked.

2. Turning off the fullscreen optimizations in the same tab of properties is also recommended. Ironically runs better without them, for me.

3. Finally, in your Steam Library, go to your manage game section and turn off the VR setting and the Steam Overlay.

These are the most common issues that makes ETW not want to minimize and/or crash to desktop, that I’ve found and solutions were tested on multiple computers. Always helps to get more data, though. Add comments, questions or other solutions and we’ll add to this.

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