Total War: Warhammer II – Plaguebearer Achievement Guide

A short description about how to unlock the achievement, and a list of users who want to actively help others get the achievement.

How to Unlock the Plaguebearer Achievement

To unlock the achievement you’ll need to beat another player who already has this achievement in a multiplayer battle. Each battle has to last, at least, over 60 seconds to be counted.

Otherwise there are no other requirements besides winning. It’s up to the two players to decide how the fight will go. The two most popular methods being. Needing to beat the achievement holder in a full battle.

And, the player willingly losing by throwing a pathetic army at the other. Neither option is wrong, but both players should have a rough idea which direction they want the battle to go before starting. You’ll unlock the achievement unlock after the battle ends and the win/lost screen is clicked past.

If it does not trigger try again, but be careful to have the total battle last longer than 60 seconds.

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