Total War: Warhammer III – Best Settings (FPS + Visuals) for Mid Range GPU

Improve Performance on a 4GB VRAM card!

Best Settings (FPS + Visuals) for Mid Range GPU (GTX 1650, 970, 1050 Ti, Etc)

  • Anti-Aliasing – FXAA
  • Texture Filter – 16x
  • VFX – Low
  • Tree – Medium
  • Unit Detail – High
  • Depth of Field – Off
  • Screen Space Refection – Off
  • Lighting – Low
  • Corpse Lifespan – Permanent
  • Texture Quality – High (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Shadow – Medium
  • Grass detail – Medium
  • Terrain – Low (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Building – Medium
  • Unit Size -Large
  • Porthole quality – 2D (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Fog – Low

The other 8 options which have checkbox (Unlimited Video memory, V-sync, so on…) – Check Everything except Proximity Fading

I get stable 28-40 FPS on Campaign and Battles (Except Cathay Maps which are very performance intensive)


  • 1. If you change any of the very important labelled settings, the game will run out of memory and start lagging on 4Gb Vram.
  • 2. Turning off shadows ruins the visuals imo, shadows medium + ssao + screen space shadows are pretty much essential for the game to look decent at this artstyle.
  • 3. For me 3D portholes drop down FPS by almost 15 fps, also adds a lot of lag when selecting armies and going into diplomacy. For low end cards I think it is good scarifice, considering they are already 99-100% taxed due to broken vfx right now.
  • 4. The game actually runs out of VRAM on a 4GM card pretty quickly and doesn’t even tell you that it has. If it runs out the game loses 30-40% FPS due to constant reloading of textures. Medium texture look quite bad and the only way to play on high textures is to use the above settings from what I have tested.

My Specs – GTX 1650, 16 GB Ram, Ryzen 3550H

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