Total War: Warhammer III – How the Yin and Yang Works

Yin Yang

The is Yin/Yang on the Campaign and Yin/Yang in battles. These are separate things. Yin/Yang on the Campaign map balances out your building selection, technology, and lord traits/types to give buffs/debuffs to one side or the other or finding a balance between the two.

When an imbalance is created, such as too much Yin, it suffers debuffs (loss of control and income from Yin buildings).

Within battle, Yin/Yang units being near each other gives them buffs. From what I have seen, the range is 45 yards.


  1. A good way to balance the yin and yang is through the buildings and using hero/lords that have the specific alignment.

    Tho it can be hard to always keep it balanced due to events, another tip is the tech tree can also be used to balance it out

  2. Try to keep it balanced, if it stays balanced big buffs come. If you unbalance it, you’ll get certain big buffs, but also certain big debuffs.

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