Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – Campaign Creator: Limiting the Specific Inits Available in Your Campaign / Battles

Just basic Creator stuff. But just in case someone missed any…

Campaign Creator & Limiting Unit Selection

So. Im not sure how much the devs cover and how much they let us figure out for ourselves but I stumbled upon this by accident thinking it wasn’t even added into the creator yet:

It’s rather subtle… as most menu’s don’t change much when opening or closing them. So, as I would imagine a few of us, like myself, didn’t notice the fact I could interact with the Faction/Unit buttons in the Save Menu. Even then, I figured it was just something of a bug. But it wasn’t:

  1. Enter ‘Sandbox’ mode, just as you would to start any other Battle.
  2. Setup your Battle as you so desire, keeping in mind what units you want to keep/remove.
  3. Click the tab at the top to open the drop down menu and select ‘Save’.
  4. Before you save – You can click any Unit Tab which will grey out all other units.  Or… Right Clicking any unit OR faction tab will also function the same way.

I overlooked this detail for a while, how long or if the unit limitations were already in the creator when it released, I am unsure. But I hope this helps at least a little bit. 

Note: Unit types, much like the cost/description/save army checkbox, are battle specific. So you will have to reselect the units if your campaign changes maps at all. Otherwise that’s all folks.