Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – Multiplayer Strategies

A plethora of strategies for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator multiplayer.


Welcome to my guide! This guide contains a few strategies I thought of for TABS multiplayer.

The Cupid Minigun

This strategy involves using Cupid and Cheerleaders, It costs 2000 points and the units are.

  • 1 Cupid
  • 3 Cheerleaders


  • Very good against most units
  • Stops units from attacking
  • Becomes even better when paired with other ranged units
  • Ranged weakness can be solved with shield units


  • Weak to teleporting units
  • Low damage
  • Weak to ranged units
  • Expensive

The Living Explosion

This Strategy uses 4 Bomb throwers and 4 Cheerleaders and costs 3000 points.

  • 4 Bomb Throwers
  • 4 Cheerleaders


  • Destroys groups of low health units
  • Great damage
  • Even stronger in hallways
  • Ranged weakness can be solved with shielded units


  • Low health
  • Expensive
  • Ranged Weakness
  • Bad at close range

The Destroyer

This Strategy uses 1 Cannon and 5 Cheerleaders and costs 3500 points.

  • 1 Cannon
  • 5 Cheerleaders


  • Can easily destroy slow melee units (Tested this against 2 ice giants, The Destroyer won.)
  • Can destroy ranged units easily thanks to the cannon’s long-range
  • Good against groups of low health units
  • Insane damage


  • Weak In melee
  • Expensive
  • Weak against ranged units
  • Slow

The Shredder

This strategy uses 1 Hwacha and 5 Cheerleaders and costs 4000 points.

  • 1 Hwacha
  • 5 Cheerleaders


  • Insane damage
  • Good against hordes
  • Absolutely insane against big slow melee units (Tested with 4 ice giants, The Shredder won)
  • Long-range


  • Low health
  • Incredibly expensive
  • Weak to teleportation units
  • Terrible in melee

The End

And that’s all the strategies, well more like unit combos. I might make more in the future, and please leave any strategies (or unit combos) you thought in the comments.

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