Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – The Teacher Guide

This guide will teach you how to teach, using the teacher. Teach all the other teachers how to teach while possessing the unit “The teacher”.


The teacher is a 300 gold unit, which as a basic attack and a unique ability. He wields a sword, and the ability to teach. His primary attack is to swing the sword. His ability, however, lunges him backward to avoid other attacks.

To attack with the unit, you must be close to another unit to recharge your ability to swing, which takes 3 seconds. You must also be close to use your lunge ability. When 1v1-ing with other teachers, this gets in the way, so be weary and use timing to your advantage.

The teacher is a good unit in the area of other melee units (like squire or farmer). He can easily take out over twice the amount of gold in melee units. Grouped up units can be taken out in just 1 swing of the sword. Although a very situational unit, very fun to play.

An image of the teacher AI killing 6 squires single-handedly.

How to Get Started in the Art of Teaching

Set up a basic line formation of unworthy opponents (probably squires). Once the squire gets in range, spam space to reduce the cooldown of your primary attack. Once you hear the noise of the squire swining, press space. You will either dodge, or parry the attack. Now that the squire can’t really swing, go in for the kill. If you manage to miss, spam space so fast you nearly break your keyboard to get the frick out of there lol. Once you have beaten at least 2 squires at once, then I’d say you are ready to challenge another fellow teacher. Remember to use space when in range, and once they attack, go for the kill. As simple as that.

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