Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – Working Historical Formations for TABS

This is a guide on how to make formations to help you win battles easier with possibly less units than the enemy!


The Phalanx is a formation of infantry in 8 layers mostly armed with spears and shields, used to push enemies back or to eliminate them easier.

It is quite a simple formation, you just need to have the right units.

Layer 1: Shield

All you need is a simple shield row to make a good layer, put around 10-40 as your first layer. This is used to block any incoming projectiles from hitting someone.

Layer 2: Halberd

This layer only contains a halberd, it adds to the looks of the formation, and makes it stronger. Do the same by adding 10-40. (if for some reason you cant place the same amount of halberd’s as you did with shield bearers, just stick with it.)

Layer 3: Shield

Once again, use another shield layer, it is used to block any melee weaponry if the first layer of shields are gone.

Layer 4: Pike

For the last layer, you will want to use a pike. It is a big and strong spear that is great for these formations. (I recommend going into the UC and making your own pike unit with the weapon, ‘Pike’, not ‘Pike – Drop’.)

Aftermath of 160 Phalanx units facing 160 Hoplites, around 50-70 Phalanx units survived.

Close-Range Archery

Caption: 112 Archers divided in 4 rows of 28

Archery is one of the most used tactics in battles, they would originally put the archers in the back so they could shoot from far-range, but since this is a totally accurate game, they can only shoot at close-range. Archery was used to attack the infantry or cavalry on the enemies side. They were best known to fire-on-command considering it is the most effective.

It really is one of the most simple tactics ever. Just place a big row of archers, and have them at close range.

The way it works is that all the archers fire around the same time, and it makes it overwhelming for the enemy because if they fire at the same time, more are going down as they are reloading.

Aftermath of 112 Musketeers versus 112 Archers

(Muskets would fire and demolish the first row, but archers can draw their arrows faster than the muskets reloading).


20 Skeleton Archers

Fire is a great way to break a formation, or easily kill enemies. This is another simple formation of just maybe 2 rows of 20 fire archers, it will only cost about 7000 as your budget (possibly more).

It is quite simple, place some skeleton archers a bit far from the army, and the enemy will start immediately burning and splitting up due to the casualties.

Almost the whole enemy army is destroyed, if you want, you can place a reinforcement unit really far from where the main battle is going on so you can easily take them down.



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