Totally Accurate Battlegrounds – How to Camouflage for Dummies

A basic guide on camouflage in Totally Accurate Battleground. This is for newer players and veterans alike.

Camouflage Guide

What Is Camouflage?

Camouflage is a tactic used to hide yourself and blend in with the background. This may make the game easier to win, as it is quite effective.

This is a a simple camouflage outfit I created in the customization tab.

What Is the Most Effective Way to Do This?

The most effective way to camouflage is to adapt to your surroundings. If you plan on being in the snowy part, then dye your outfit white. If you plan on being in the desert, then dye it yellow. You get the point.

You have to also be careful to not be in places where your camouflage won’t work, as it may make you a bigger target. For example, it would be extremely easy to spot you if you had green dye on and were in Industry.

What Outfits/Clothes Should I Be Using?

The most effective outfit for camouflage is one that hides your entire body, but is not too large. The pickle is a great example on why you should not use large clothing. Sure, it’s green but it’s extremely large and it will be easy to spot you.

One of the best outfits you can use for this is one I will show right here.

The contents are:

  • Head: Saltigue Hair & Kevlar Helmet.
  • Body: Suit & Shirt (with gloves).
  • Legs: Cargo Pants.
  • Shoes: Boots.

Now, you might say: My clothing doesn’t look like that! It’s all a bunch of different colours. To that I say, do not worry. While you choose your clothing, there is another tab on the top right. It’s labelled “Colors”. Click that button and choose a colour based on the environment you want to spend most of your matches in.

I highly recommend choosing the green colours on the sixth row. They usually function the best.

Summary, TL;DR

Use small clothing and turn them green using the colour section.

Thank you so much for reading this guide and hopefully applying it in your game.

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