Touhou: Gensokyo Survivors – Sensing Defiler Achievement Guide

Short guide on how to get the Sensing Defiler achievement.

How to Obtain Sensing Defiler Achievement

What are Spell Cards?

Spell Cards are special skills that unlock when you having a combination of items that are all touching each other (e.g. Fantasy Seal – Gohei, Sealing Amulet, Yin-Yang).

The combinations can be found in the manual at the bottom left of the main menu.

Currently there is a mistake with Fantasy Seal (Persuasion Needle → Yin-Yang).

They can be arranged in different ways as long as all items are touching.

When done correctly, a colored outline should appear like this:

e.g. Master Spark (Left – green outline, Right – blue outline).

Combination for the Sensing Defiler Achievement

To get this achievemenet you need to have all 5 spell cards active at once.

In order to have all 5 spell cards active at the same time the placement of your items are crucial.

This is the placement I used but there may be other ways as well so try testing different arrangements.

My Setup

As long as you don’t deactivate the items needed for the spell card you are good to go!

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