Tower Unite – Accelerate Alpha / Tips & Tricks

Here are the tips and tricks in Accelerate Alpha game mode.

Tips & Tricks

Big or Small, Wide or Thin, Karts or Hovers, Workshop or Not?

It doesn’t matter when you pick a vehicle that suit the best.

Standard karts (Pizza Planet truck, Plow King, or Spongebob’s bed car), bikes (Shadow’s Scooter), or other vehicles (Kirby Air Ride’s Warp Star) can give you advantages or disadvantages.

I suggest to start with the stardard kart if you are more Mario kart-like. But if you want to go free riders like Sonic, pick the combination of the hover and skateboard for better steering.

It’s not just Mario Kart, it’s Delissio

You will no longer press the gas button after the number 2 from Mario Kart. The game will automatically give you a speed boost at every start of the race.

The bird is your Super Horn

The Bird Shield is the only way to avoid getting hit by other player’s obstacle or attacks, and eventually steal the powerup on the race track.

Don’t forget that the Bird Shield is the Super Horn from Mario Kart 8 (Deluxe). You can stop the Sun (aka The Blue Spiny Shell) from slowing you down. Once you activate the Bird Shield and manage to stop and steal the Sun by yourself, you can use it for later use once you’re in 2nd or worse.

Shortcuts make you rich fast

You may earn Units if you take shortcuts from the race track. But be warned: you’ll end up getting passed by the other players. So don’t take the shortcuts too often.

Note: The shortcuts don’t appeared on the race map.

Max speed will loses the race

A fair warning to all players who played Accelerate Alpha: There are a bunch of obstacles and hazards that will screw you over.

If you hold a golden watermelon or a pink dragon, don’t spam the right-click button / mouse wheel during the boost or you’ll end up hitting a large obstacle that slow you down / falling off the race track.

Save it for later if you want to pass the other players.

Time Flux will waste your boost

If one player activate the Time Flux powerup during the race when you hold a watermelon boost powerup, don’t use it or you’ll end up wasting your watermelon powerup and wasting your speed boost.

This will cause the Time Flux to reject your boost, so watch out!

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