Town of Salem 2 – Crusader Role Guide

The Crusader’s role in Town of Salem is critical for town defense and requires strategic decision-making. This guide explores the Crusader’s abilities, strategies, and potential pitfalls, providing players with the tools they need to successfully utilize this powerful role.

Guide to Crusader Role

Role Information

The Crusader is part of the Town Protective (TP) category. This role does not have any attack or defense immunities. The main ability of the Crusader is to protect a player each night, granting them Powerful Defense. In doing so, they deal a Basic Attack to one random visitor to their target. They also learn if their target was attacked and their target learns they were protected.

Strategy Guide

Understanding the Crusader Role

As a Crusader, your primary duty lies in strategically protecting crucial town roles while potentially warding off threats by dealing a Basic Attack to a random visitor. However, this power can also be a double-edged sword as it might inadvertently harm fellow town members.

Choosing Your Target

Making an informed decision about who to protect each night is vital. Opt for roles that are crucial to the town’s victory, such as Jailor, Mayor, or Investigators.

Understanding the Risks

With the Crusader’s unique blend of protection and offense, it’s crucial to be aware that your well-intended protection might inadvertently harm beneficial town roles. Communication and coordination with other town members can help minimize these risks.

Communicating with the Town

Effective communication can significantly contribute to your success as a Crusader. Share essential information, like if your target was attacked or if you attacked a visitor. However, it’s crucial to strike a balance and not reveal too much, potentially making yourself a target for adversarial roles.

Self-Protection Strategies

As a Crusader, you can’t directly protect yourself. As such, open lines of communication and coordination with other town protective roles can be instrumental in ensuring your survival and continued contribution to your town’s defense.

Crusader’s Logbook Template

  • D1: Observations:
  • N1: Protection Target:
  • D2: Observations:
  • N2: Protection Target. Was target attacked?:
  • D3: Observations / Protection Target (if changed):
  • N3: Protection Target. Was target attacked?:

Continue this pattern for each subsequent day and night. Make sure to keep your observations updated with important information from other players, voting patterns, and any other noteworthy occurrences.

Strategies for Posing as a Crusader

Understanding the Role

To convincingly pose as a Crusader, you need to fully understand the role’s mechanics. You should know when to claim you have protected someone and when to pretend you’ve detected an attack on your protected player.

Creating a Believable Story

You need to create credible results for your protection actions. Make sure they align with the game events and don’t arouse suspicion. For instance, if you claim to protect someone who was not attacked and killed, your story might become questionable.

Adapting to Game Events

You should adjust your claims based on the game’s events. If a player you claimed to have protected is attacked or dies, have a plausible explanation ready to cover your tracks.

Maintaining Consistency

Ensure that your claims remain consistent throughout the game. If your protection claims contradict known facts or other players’ findings, your cover may be blown.

By keeping these strategies in mind, you’ll be well on your way to successfully impersonating a Crusader and sowing doubt and confusion among the town’s ranks.

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