Train Sim World 3 – Midland Main Line Passenger Timetable

This is the timetable of all passenger trains operating on the Midland Main Line. Helpful if you want to explore the route and stations as a passenger.

Passenger Timetable for Midland Main Line

Note: Credit goes to PostTower


In this guide I’ll put the timetable of all passenger trains on display. Freight trains are not included. Can be very helpful if you want to explore this bit of the Midland Main Line as a passenger.

Keep in mind that there are some problems though. At the moment there is an annoying glitch that prevents you from taking a seat on board of HST trains (except for the cab) and there is an invisible wall somewhere between Leicester and Loughborough which can easily eject you out of the moving train should you decide to stay in the corridor. The same problems also occurs on board of the diesel railtour services with Mk2 cars. You can at least take a seat on board of the festive Jubilee trains.

There are a lot of missing services, mostly due to a lack of rolling stock. IC trains between London and Sheffield via Derby are limited as class 222 Meridian are not available. If you know how busy Derby station is, you’ll notice how deserted it is in the game due to the lack of simulated services. The stations are far from being busy in general. You won’t see many trains going towards Worksop, Skegness or Crewe. Furthermore there are no CrossCountry services at all. The regional trains between Leicester and Nottingham are severly limited to a frequency of just one train per four hours. This all leads to a timetable that is surprisingly limited for the route that it is designed for.

Leicester – Derby or Nottingham

Services that go between Nottingham and Derby are listed in grey. Check out the “Derby – Nottingham and back” list down below to get a better view of these.

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Nottingham or Derby – Leicester

Again, services that go between Nottingham and Derby are listed in grey.

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Derby – Nottingham and Back

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The timetable only shows a small part of the services that operate here in real life. This and the seat problem gives you the feel that you’ve been left stranded should you decide to visit this route as a passenger. Almost like in real-life when there are some bad service disruptions isn’t it? Although TSW is all about driving the trains, its the freedom of exploration that makes the difference for me. The seat problems needs to be fixed ASAP.

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