Travellers Rest – Gameplay Basics

Basic Materials

Note: Credit goes to Chrumk

Fuel – burned when machine autocrafts

  • Forestry Waste – no other use than fuel
  • Firewood – used to heat the Tavern, can be crafted from Wood using “Stump with Axe” machine
  • Coal – best fuel, can be mined, spawn every day, can be crafted from Firewood using Smelter machine (requires Technology)

Natural harvest – respawns every day

  • Coal – mine big rocks with black parts, see Fuel
  • Stone – mine big rocks
  • Iron – mine big rocks with gray parts
  • Copper – mine big rocks with orange parts


  • Wood doesn’t respawn. Order Sprouts to plant trees to cut them.
  • Water – get from Well. No limit per day. Fills Empty Bucket.

Crafting and Cooking

Crafting – creating new tools or advanced materials. You do it outside of Tavern at specific Machines.

Cooking – creating dishes and advanced food components. You do it in Tavern’s kitchen at specific Machines.

Kitchen machines:

  • Oven – every dish is created here. Requires Fuel to work.
  • Grinder – creates advanced food components required by Oven. ie. flour
  • Malting Machine – creates advanced food components required by Oven and Brewing Barrel. Requires Fuel to work.
  • Brewing Barrel – creates advanced food components required by Fermentation Tank. Requires Fuel to work.
  • Fermentation Tank – every drink is created here. Requires Fuel to work.

If you have Chest in kitchen’s area, you can craft with items inside chests. You can have multiple Chests.


Leveling up Haggling skill will alter those prices but it’s better to know how different items affect prices.


You craft Mead. Do you add fruits and other optional ingredients?

Mead = 26.40

  • +Ingredient(sell price of ingredient) = sell price of mead with it
  • +Blueberry (1.03) = 28.20
  • +Juniper(1.08)=28.20
  • +Lime(1.80)=29.80
  • +Orange(0.90)=27.90
  • +Pear(0.94)=27.80
  • +Strawberry(1.48)=29.00
  • +Apple(0.22)=26.60
  • +Aroma(0.90)=27.80
  • +Lemon(1.80)=29.80

This shows combining ingredient with dish adds small value. You can add three ingredients but can’t add same twice.

Beer / Wine Production


BarleyMalting MachineMalted Barley2:13
Malterd BarleyBrewing BarrelWort2:13
WortFermentation TankBeer4:26

Time depends on Crafting skill, but steps 1 and 2 take same time and step 3 is double of that. That means you want two Fermentation Tanks, one Brewing Barrel and one Malting Machine for optimal normal beer production.

Step 1 can be light or dark. It takes less or more time.


GrapesGrinderGrape Must1:28
Grape MustBrewing BarrelWine Juice2:13
Wine JuiceFermentation TankWine8:53

For Wine production, four Tanks, two Barrels, one Grinder. Champagne step 3 takes 13 hours.

Other Notes

First quest allows you to receive all crafting machines (or craft them) except Mixing Tank. You have to buy it to make Mortar to make other machines.

To know how to craft item / advanced material, open Inventory then open Recipe Book tab. If you cannot find it, unlock more technologies at Tech tab.

To unlock technology, press T or check Tech tab. Each tech requires spending Red/Blue/Green points. To get:

  • Red – iron based? smelting Iron Bars with Smelter machine
  • Blue – advanced technology? producing Nails with Anvil machine
  • Green – wood based? making Planks with Woodcutter machine

You get points when you collect items. Visual indicator shows what points you receive but you need multiple of those to have full RGB point

Tavern unlockables (Tavern reputation, increases when customers leave happy):

  • lvl 3 – personal XP?
  • lvl 4 – special orders – check board for dish quests. You trade them for personal XP.
  • lvl 5 – enchanted broom, cleaning robot for floors
  • lvl 6 – staff for hire?
  • lvl 8 – trends?
  • lvl 10 – cellar?
  • lvl 12 – distilling?

Personal improvements (getting personal XP when doing special orders):

  • Cleaning – increases cleaning speed
  • Haggling – buy for less, sell for more
  • Crafting – machines work faster and produce more items
  • Farming – crops produce more items?
  • Bartending – increases running speed and pouring beer speed?

There are three Areas:

  • Mines entrance – you can mine ores here
  • Tavern area – you can cut trees, mine ores, farm crops here
  • Down area – you can mine ores here

Everything else is blocked and probably can’t be unlocked.

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