Treasure of Nadia – Chest Key / Kamasutra Locations

Map of chest key / kamasutra locations.

Locations / Part #1

Key #Key LocationMap SquareLocation on ScreenChest LocationMap SquareKamasutra
1Estero State ParkE2RightEstero KeyD2Alia 1
2Estero State ParkD2LeftChurchC4Naomi 1
3Doctor’s OfficeA1CenterCavernsC3Emily 1
4LibraryC1Break vase on rightFull Mast BarC1Naomi 2
5Estero State ParkE1(No key required)Estero State ParkE1Tasha 1
6BeachA1Bottom left behind palm treeLighthouseC3Alia 2
7Full Mast BarC1Bottom LeftEstero State ParkD3Pricia 1
8ChurchD4Top RightChurchD3Emily 2
9ChurchD1LeftEstero State ParkD4Tasha 2
10CavernsD2CenterCavernsB2Kaley 1
11Estero State ParkE1Pickaxe bottom center behind treeEstero State ParkB2Naomi 3
12Light HouseE3Pickaxe bottom rightFull Mast BarA2Jessica 1
13CavernsB3Bottom CenterEstero State ParkC3Tasha 3
14LibraryC1Bottom leftEstero State ParkB2Alia 3
15N/AN/A4 x broken keysChurchC3Diana 1
16Estero State ParkA2Break vase right sideSofia’s MansionD2Jessica 2
17CemeteryA1Pickaxe right side behind treeCavernsE3Emily 3
18CavernsE3Bottom RightEstero State ParkB4Kaley 2
19CavernsC2LeftEstero State ParkD4Diana 2
20LibraryA1Left sideDeep JungleC3Pricia 2
21Estero State ParkB1Top Right with whipLighthouseE2Jessica 3
22CavernsB4Bottom CenterDeep JungleB3Clare 1
23N/AN/A4 x Broken KeysLighthouseC2Pricia 3
24CavernsB4Top (have to step on 3 pressure plates)CavernsB2Kaley 3
25Deep JungleA3Pickaxe between palm treesLighthouseE1Clare 2
26N/AN/A4 x Broken KeysEstero State ParkA1Diana 3
27CavernsE3Bottom Left PickaxeSofia’s MansionC1Janet 1
28N/AN/A4 x Broken KeysCavernsA2Clare 3
29Lost UndergroundC2Pickaxe Bottom MiddleCavernsA4Janet 2
30Estero State ParkA1Top grappling hookLighthouseC1Madalyn 1

Locations / Part #2

Key #Key LocationMap SquareLocation on ScreenChest LocationMap SquareKamasutra
31Estero State ParkE2Give Ash Boom BoxLost UndergroundA4Diana 4
32Sofia’s MansionC3Top grappling hookSofia’s MansionA3Tasha 4
33Lost UndergroundC2Top MiddleLost UndergroundA3Madalyn 2
34Estero State ParkA3Middle use crowbar on boxCasula TempleB2Sophia 1
35Doctor’s OfficeB3Go outside through C1Sofia’s MansionC5Janet 3
36Casula TempleB2MiddleLost UndergroundD3Sophia 2
37Lost UndergroundA2Pickaxe BottomCasula TempleB1Madalyn 3
38Deep JungleA2Pickaxe BottomCasula TempleSophia 3
39Casula TempleC2Bottom LeftCasula TempleA2Naomi 4
40N/AN/ATop (Grapple, then ladder)Estero State ParkD4Clare 4
41ChurchB5Middle (Hit 4 Blue Pressure Pads)Lost UndergroundD4Alia 4
42Sofia’s Mansion UpC1Pickaxe TopLost UndergroundC3Emily 4
43BeachA1Catch TunaCape Vedra PierN/AJessica 4
44  Top blue Pressure PadCavernsB2Kaley 4
45Evie LimboA1Top LeftCavernsC1Janet 4
46Doctor’s OfficeC1Second LockerChurchB2Sofia 4
47N/AN/ACasula TempleC2Blue Pressure PadPricia 4
48Evie LimboA1Bottom RightSofia’s MansionA4Madalyn 4
49N/AN/ACraft (2 Blue torn pages, 2 Talisman of the gods)N/AN/AJanet & Jessica 5
50N/AN/ACraft (2 Purple torn pages, 2 Talisman of the gods)N/AN/ADiane & Clare 5
51N/AN/ACraft (2 Yellow torn pages, 2 Talisman of the gods)N/AN/AEmily & Kaley 5
52N/AN/ACraft (2 Red torn pages, 2 Talisman of the gods)N/AN/ANaomi & Pricia 5
53N/AN/ACraft (2 Orange torn pages, 2 Talisman of the gods)Alia & Tasha 5N/AN/A


Casula Temple




Deep Jungle

Doctor’s Office

Estero State Park

Full Mast Bar


Light House

Lost Underground

Sophia’s Mansion


Secret Key Chest doesn´t Apperar? Bug?

I klicked on the library light on the right side. The chest in the glass vitrine is enlighted. I go outside but under the upper right Palmtree spawns no chest. Did I miss something or is it a bug?

So, in my experience, the way it goes is:

  • Both lights start out red. Turn the right-side one green.
  • In the upper right corner of the front-of-library area (not the rear accessible from the upper left), look for something to click behind a palm tree. That’s where the stash is.

Is there a key for each chest or am I have to buy it from Squallmaat?

There are keys for each chest. Some you need to make from 4 broken key segments. There are pirate keys as well that use 2 broken key segments.

How to catch tuna?

I managed to catch all the fish by taking the lures at random! You have to try often!

How many endings?

There’s only one ending, the post end scenes don’t change the events of the story. You could always use the walkthrough in the guides section to speed up getting the extra scenes. There are also plenty of video walkthroughs on youtube to help get through the temple puzzles.

How to beat puzzle 7?

You can buy a snake idol-which gets rid of the snakes, but it will cost ya, also it comes late in the game-from what others said in the chat, after you solve at least 30 puzzles and also there is always you tube.

How can to sell talismans?

Open your inventory, use your Satellite Phone to call Diana and choose the option “Sell all talismans”, there you go.

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