Trepang 2 – Rage Mode Tips and Hints

Tips and Hints

  • Slide then grab enemies and pull their grenade pin with G as often as possible.
    • This is the cheapest way to get focus + stamina boost which is essential to stay alive, specially as it is also a free grenade.
  • Against most enemies, if you strafe them and circle while close they can’t hit you. This is extremely useful against Juggernauts (EOD) and Patriarch, so save Focus for those
  • Gas grenades will convert light armored enemies into jiggly boys. If they kill enemies, more jiggly boys spawn.
    • If there are no more enemies they’ll chase you, but keep moving it’s possible to avoid their attacks entirely.
    • You can kite groups of them then go invisible when you find more enemies to have them engage.
  • Meat Golem can easily be ducked with side slides
  • You can in fact Slide backwards with Left-Alt to trick a lot of enemies, which is not possible with Shift+Ctrl (found this out the hard way)
  • At the final boss, Shotgun instantly deletes brains and destroying a brain reverts existing progress.
    • At the penultimate stage when all brains pop up, it’s worth it to have a little bit of patience for the bar to fill up so you get to benefit from the reversion.
    • When Raven drops you a package, you can take your time killing all “Lawyer” enemies in the Arena. They’ll stop respawning and you can deal with the final part more easily.
    • The stock minigun basically deletes the chopper.
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