TRIANGLE STRATEGY – How to Raise Your Convictions

Convictions Guide


Upon interracting with some NPC, especially during exploration phase, you’ll be prompt to make a dialogue choice between 3 options. Each of these choices will reward you with 50 points in one of the 3 convictions.


Every time you try to sway one of your ally during a vote, you’ll be rewarded with +10 points into the related conviction at the end of the voting phase. It doesn’t matter if you’re successfull or not, trying is all it takes to get that +10 points. However you need to persuade in only one conviction, otherwise for each character you try to persuade to another conviction, this will cancel a +10 bonus. For example, if you try to sway 4 characters on the Morality side and 2 character to Utility, you’ll end up with +20 to Morality only.


In case of a tie during a vote, Serenoa will decide, prompting you to choose which direction to go. This will give you +50 points in the choosen related conviction. You’ll be able to combine this bonus with the above +10 bonus point. Again if you tried to sway some of your allies to another conviction, you’ll lose 10 points from that bonus each time you do so. Keep in mind if you want to maximize your conviction bonus during a vote, you may want to intentionnaly fail at swaying your ally just to force a tie.


Upgrade character class. Each character is align to a different conviction.


Upgrade weapon from one of your character. Each character is align to a different conviction.


Optional character story. Each character is align to a different conviction.


+1Talking to 25 different NPC during exploration phase. Your allies don’t count (ie: Benedict, frederica, etc.), Itinerant merchants don’t count as well, however cats do count for this bonus.
+5Spend 500 Kudos.
+2Winning a Mental Mock Battle.
+2Completing a battle without killing all enemies. (many battles gives this bonus twice)
+1Skip your turn 100 times during battle. Can’t move or take any action. (you can change the side your character is facing)
+1Buff yourself 100 times. A few buffs don’t add up.
+1Completing a battle with all deployed characters within 1 level from the recommended level.


+1Picking up 25 Items and Notes during exploration phase.
+8Selling 5 000$ worth of items.
+1Deploy all recommended units. (If you haven’t unlock one of the recommended unit it doesn’t matter, as long as you deploy those you have unlocked, you’ll get the bonus)
+1Picking up 10 loots on the ground during combat. (white, blue and golden bags)
+1Use Quietus Cards 10 times.
+1Use Debuff abilities 100 times.
+2Kill all enemies during battle in which you have objective that lets you spare some.
+1Complete a battle with all deployed characters below the recommended level at least 2 levels under.


+8Spend 10 000$ at the Provisionner or Itinerant Merchant. (money spent at the smithy doesn’t count)
+2Examine 10 object such as ladder, mine cart etc.
+1Deploy none of the recommended units. Works only if you have at least one of the recommended units unlocked in your party.
+1Heal yourself 200 times. (include any action that heal your HP or cures bad status)
+1Steal items 5 times. (Need to recruit Travis or Trish)
+1Use items 50 times.
+1Complete a battle with all deployed characters above the recommended level at least 2 level above.
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