TRIANGLE STRATEGY – How to Remove DoF / Blur / Bloom

Remove terrible Graphics settings modern game devs force on us.


Engine.ini edits for people who want to use them:

  • Documents\My Games\TRIANGLE_STRATEGY\Steam\Config\WindowsNoEditor
r.DepthOfFieldQuality=0 (Removes ugly DoF)
r.MaxAnisotropy=16 (Anisotropy x16)
r.BloomQuality=0 (Removes the really really bad Bloom)
r.Tonemapper.Quality=0 (Vignette effects)
r.SceneColorFringeQuality=0 (Chromatic stuff)
r.MotionBlur.Max=0 (Removes blur if game has it)

There are lots of other UE4 Commands a person can fiddle with if they want.

Created by Luna Rosa

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