Tricolour Lovestory – 100% Achievement Guide


This guide aims to be as straightforward as possible to help you reach the 100% mark for this Chinese novel.

Note: Your language choice during this run does not reflect the outcome of the story so chose freely which one you prefer.


Most of the story related achievements can be obtained normally except a few which we will discuss.

There are sketch achievements. (See image below).

Save when you reach that screen.Your choice here matters which outcome you get.

  • Top: Violet Route.
  • Bottom: Daisy Route.

If you keep reading you will reach credits twice but keep reading because it continues.After a 3rd time reaching credits you have reached the ending of the game.

For the sake of simplicity load up your save from the 2nd sketch selection and select the top option during your 2nd playthrough so you’ll save some time.

Created by 夏希

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