Two Worlds II – How to Cheat in Rustler’s Run

Rustler’s Run Guide

Rustler’s Run is an insanely difficult horse race, unless you know a couple of things – what the goal is, and how to cheat.

Important point to remember is that you only have to go half way down that run, then pick up the flag at the village of hostiles just before the horse jump, then race back to Altan with it – do not keep going down the path past past the village (like you would assume the quest is wanting you to do!)

To help the race you can cheat, open a console (usualy the ~ key) then type in the following:

  • cotcheats
  • Press Enter
  • Player.InvisibleForEnemies 1
  • Press Enter
  • 1

Then press escape (I think) to exit the cheat window.

The important point is the “ 1” which allows your horse to go from stand still to full sprint by clicking just once.

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