Ultimate Custom Night – How to Get Easter Eggs Animatronics and How to Survive Them

Guide to Get Easter Eggs Animatronics and How to Survive Them

For first how rare are they. The easter egg animatronics spawns (its my teorry) when Dee Dee want to add some who you have on 20.

And i hope its true.

  • First we will talk about shadow bonnie he shows in the office and turn your office into dark you cant see your doors are opend or closed theres no way to avoid him.
  • Next will be nightmare chica to avoid her just turn power ac or oc i dont remember.
  • Third will be bonnet people who played fnaf sl know what to do just click on her nose.
  • Fourth will be plush trap he appears at funtime foxys stage to avoid him you must watch him unitl he goes away.
  • Fifth will be Tangle,White Rabbit and Bouncepot they appears randomly after puting down cameras and do only they do they animations.
  • Sixth is lolbit hes just shows for a second and he disappears.
  • Seventh is fredbear you have to set up golden freddy on 1 and start the game then buy death coin when he appears in office click the death coin.
Created by Voyvox (p2p-f2p)

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