Ultimate Poker – Starting and Joining a Server

Here is a guide on how to start and join a server in Ultimate Poker.

Starting a Server

To start a server you have to launch the “UP Server” tool under the tools tab in your library in Steam. By default this will create a server running on port 51000 with no password.

To edit table rules click on the text field next to the rule you want to change. Then use the backspace key to delete the old rule and type in the new one. Then click the top left most “Start Server” button. A pop up will appear saying the old server has been destroyed. Click the “Start Server” button again and a pop up will appear saying the new server has been created.

To disable the timers set the “Turn Time”, “Ready-Up Time”, and “Buy-In Time” to zero.

Joining a Server

To join that Server, start Ultimate Poker and navigate to the Server menu and click on the IP tab. Then enter the IP, Port, and Password for the server.

If you are running the server on the same pc you are playing Ultimate Poker use as the IP.

If you are running the server on the same local network but different pc, use your router’s local IP.

If someone is trying to join your server from across the internet, you will have to set up port forwarding on your router and they will have to use your external IP address. You can find this address by googling “what is my ip”.

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