ULTRAKILL – How to Beat Minos Prime

Tips to Beat Minos Prime

I have been playing ULTRAKILL for a while and I’m pretty ♥ but I still beat Minos prime so hear are some to beating him.

Flesh Prison: This is the easy part of the boss battle and after a couple deaths you can get use to it but here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. Always focus on the little eyeballs before shooting him because if you shoot him it speeds up the timer for him to heal. (go to number 3 on how to kill the eyeballs better)
  2. Always be moving to the left or to the right of the arena dodging the orbs and beams he shoots at you.
  3. Use the standard coin revolver and shoot all the eye balls don’t use the alternate its too slow and the standard is a one shot anyway.
  4. When all the eyeballs are down I recommend shooting him with the drill and shooting him with the nail gun and combo with other weapons.
  5. Once he shoots out more eyeballs repeat the process.

Minos Prime: This is the hard part because there is no safe space during this battle he always has a way to hit you.

  1. At the start of the fight shoot him with a full-charged revolver shot with a drill or rail cannon.
  2. Stay at a medium distance from him, not to far away that you can’t rush at him but not so close that you cant doge his attacks.
  3. When hes fighting he dose about 3-4 attacks then stands still for a small moment, when that happens I would rush in and heal and quickly doge back or sideways depending on the attack.

Besides that I don’t got much else to say, I hope this helps you defeat him, good luck!

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