ULTRAKILL – How to Get the Challenge in 6-1

A guide that shows you how to complete the secret encounter in 6-1. Does not contain spoilers for what the secret encounter is. Contains spoilers for 6-1 though obviously!

Step 1: Get This Red Skull

You need to do this to complete the level anyways, but it’s important that you grab this red skull near the beginning of the level.

Proceed trough the level normally until you get here.

Normally you would place the red skull on the little table and continue in the level. But you may notice that the pillar takes a decent amount of time going up and down.

You’re gonna wanna place the skull, let the pillar go up, and then take it with you before it can close again.

If done correctly you should be right here with the skull in hand.

Step 2: Go On Top Of The Roof

Normally there’s this big battlefield that you do an encounter on in this part of the level. Whether you wanna kill the enemies here or not is up to you, but the important part is that you wall jump your way up on top of the doorway.

Once on top of the roof you’ll find a second little table dead in the middle.

Place your skull there and boom secret encounter.

Created by RetroCrow

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