ULTRAKILL – How to Skip The Red Skull on Layer 1:1-2

How to Skip The Red Skull

Note: Credit goes to walt102

So this is a short tutorial on layer 1: 1-2 on how to skip some of the level and get your time down to 2-3 minutes maybe 1 if you are real good.

Going through this layer, one you find the blue skull, let yourself die then you will respawn in the hallway leading towards the blue skull but you will have the blue skull in your hands.

After this, kill the monsters in the hallway and go towards the exit to the hallway leading to the “holo deck” then walk back towards the room and it should no longer be loaded.

At this point you are going to want to fall down the hole and aim for the floating checkpoint. If you hit it, you did. Let yourself keep falling and once you fall to low you will be reset at the checkpoint, which will place you next to the final room of 1-2, skipping past all the blue doors and red door.

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