Undecember – Auction House

Auction House Guide

The Auction House is the system to sell items that are acquired in the game to other Rune Hunters.

After entering Symmesbicul area, you can use the Auction House system via NPC ‘Auction House Manager’.

When registering an item, you can choose between bidding, buyout, or both as the method of sale.


  • Determine the final price according to the buyer’s bid after setting the minimum bid amount.


  • Purchase items immediately regardless of the time after the buyer pays the amount set by the seller.

Both Bidding & Buyout

  • Buyers may bid for the price they want, or purchase an item immediately via buyout for getting out of the bidding competition after paying the amount set by the seller.

Caution: If you set bidding and the minimum amount of bid is low, the item may be sold at a cheaper price than the price you want.

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