Undecember – How to Check My Zodiac Trait Point

Zodiac Trait Point

After level 10, you can gain a Zodiac Trait Point every time you level up.

If you clear every ACT final quest, except ACT1, you can gain a Stardust of Advancement item. (Gain 1 Zodiac Trait Point upon use)

If you have used up all the Stardust of advancement items earned by clearing the act, you can calculate Zodian Trait Point by character level as below.

  • (Character’s level) – 9 + (Cleared ACT number) -1

Example: Character’s level 83 & Cleared Act 7 (Currently Act 8) : 7 = 83 – 9 + 7 – 1 = 80

If you have not used the Stardust of advancement, which is the reward of clearing ACT, you cannot calculate your Zodiac Trait point by the equation above.

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