Undecember – How to Link Cross Platform Account (Steam)

This guide will help you play cross platform through Steam Account Link for those who are experiencing difficulties.

  • This is a guide for the case of (Steam ↔ Mobile).
  • You can freely use your account on both Steam or Mobile by following the guide below.
  • Cross Platform Link can be done on both [Steam] and [Mobile].
  • Any characters in the account you import the link data to during the account linking process will disappear after linking and cannot be recovered.

Please check below for more details.

Cross Platform Account Link Announcement (Steam)

How to Link

1) Login to both accounts to link (PC/Mobile), and to be linked with (Mobile/PC).

We recommend you create a new account that you will not use to be linked with.

In this guide, we are calling the account that you have been using as ‘Linking Account’, and the account created to be linked to as ‘Account to be Linked with’.

2) Check the ‘Link Data’ in the [Menu(≡) Settings → Account] menu on the top-right side of the screen.

3) On the Linking Account, select ‘Export’, and on the ‘Account to be Linked with’, press ‘Import’.

4) Press ‘Export’ on the Linking Account and check the 12 digits of ‘Code’ on the pop-up screen.

5) Press ‘Import’ on the Account to be Linked with and type in the code on the pop-up screen.

  • Then, press ‘Send Code’.

6) Once you press ‘Send Code’, press the [OK] button on the Notice pop-up.

This will let you use the Linking Account onboth PC and Mobile.

  • The linked account will be logged out straight after the linking process.
  • Please re-login.
  • After being logged out, any characters on the linked account will be deleted and cannot be used anymore.
  • The information of the deleted character cannot be recovered.

Please take note of this to avoid inconvenience.


  • Please be careful not to leak your Export ‘Account Code’ during the linking process.
  • Account linking can be done with the accounts that use the same server.
  • The deleted character information during the linking process cannot be recovered in any way.
  • So please be careful.
  • You cannot access both PC and Mobile at the same time after cross platform linking.

It is free to use both platforms back and forth, but can only access one platform at a time.

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