Undisputed – How to Counter Body Uppercuts

For Those Who Want to Learn How to Counter Body Uppercuts

Seriously try the Prize Fights.

Prize Fight 1 – Usyk vs Okolie

Okolie CPU is dumb (because Semi-Pro difficulty) and will not block. Easily falls under 30 seconds.

Prize Fight 2 – Alvarez vs Maccarenelli

Despite being somewhat dumb (because Pro difficulty), will sometimes block the body uppercuts. He is poor at countering them though. Could probably last until the last few seconds of the first round.

Prize Fight 3 – Harper vs Jonas

Here, if you are a body uppercut spammer, you are f’ed. Her defense is good in this regard. Observe the animations and take the time to learn them. This is the key on how to beat body uppercuts. Do not be lazy in your study of the game.

You need to approach the fight differently. She whiffs though (a lot) to her disadvantage, which you can learn Something…something even more OP than the body uppercut that you can utilize to punish temporarily (note: temporarily) gassed opponents.

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