Unfortunate Spacemen – Guide to Suspicion

A lot of you seem to have trouble understanding what actions are or are not suspicious so I’m here to enlighten you.

How to Suspicion

Action / Suspicious?

  • Grabbing a weapon – no
  • Locking/Welding a door – no
  • Locking/Welding a door with people outside that need O2 – yes
  • Shoving – no
  • Shoving into EME or environmental hazard – yes
  • Shooting – no
  • Shooting another player without giving a reason – yes
  • Shooting a camera or sentry turret – yes
  • Deactivating a transmitter – yes
  • Breaking the virus open – yes
  • Turning off the power – yes
  • Being marked suspicious – no
  • Throwing a frag grenade into a crowded room – yes
  • Throwing an emp grenade into a crowded room – no
  • Walking away from recent camera sighting of monster – yes

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