Unrailed! – 15 Things I Wish to Know

Wood Cutters / Iron Miners

Note: Credit goes to Dropping MMR

  1. Aim for short + safe enough path for the train.

This means, there should be balanced access iron, wood and water and there is room for a walkway below the train.

  1. Cut path for train tracks first. Also remember to let others access other resources as soon as possible.
  2. Cut the walkway below the train tracks. Always maintain it below. Otherwise, you might get stuck. Maintaining it below also makes it easier to see what your characters are holding.
  3. When chokepoints are inevitable, cut a secondary path as a walkway.
  4. When the secondary path is too far away, don’t bother. But make room for the track layer to stack up some tracks on the right side of the chokepoint. Support in ‘chokepoint-stacking’ if you have the time.
  5. If possible, shorten/widen your resolution so you can see farther and optimize accordingly.

Go to:

  • C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Daedalic Entertainment GmbH\Unrailed\GameState\AllPlayers

Look for the “settings.txt” file. Edit the resolution numbers according to your liking. Mine are as follows:

  • resolutionwidth 1900
  • resolutionheight 500

Tracklayer + Bucket / Resource Manager

  1. Place tracks in such a way that you have a consistent walkway below the train as much as possible.
  2. Loop only if you need the time. Unnecessary looping jams up the space and uses more resources.
  3. Even when looping, maintain a walkway on one side of the tracks if possible – so you can continue to access all wagons.
  4. When you can’t see the path ahead, DO NOT BLOCK U-TURNS. Make room to change direction. Do not commit too early unnecessarily.
  5. When you see a choke point, stack some tracks and place the bucket ahead of the choke point. When the train is about to reach the choke point, get to the other side and use that stack of tracks.
  6. Do not place too many tracks ahead of the train. Around 6-8 tracks ahead is ideal. If you have 15+ tracks, the train moves faster. If there is time, stack the tracks ahead of choke points, or simply stack them far ahead of the connected train tracks.


  1. Keep the walkway tidy – if you have too many stacks of resources everywhere, it is hard to pick up what you need exactly. For example, if the walkway is filled with things, when you urgently need a dynamite or train tracks, you end up picking up the iron, wood, axe, pickaxe, bucket, or basically anything else except what you want. Keep the walkway right below the train clear. Stack them into resource wagons or 2 cells away from the train.
  2. When you’re about to reach the station: do not stack all your tracks at the rightmost column. Why?

A) The stack might block a possible track path. Sometimes there is a choke point right there – where you placed those 60 stacks of tracks. Imagine the rush to move this stack. This often uses up a lot of time.

B) Blocks track layer’s view. Tracks end up misplaced and the train crashes.

Generally, I prefer to stack them a few cells below the station. So I can loop if necessary, and can look ahead easily. So, keep the right side of the train station clear.

  1. Get the token at the 3rd station of every biome to unlock the terminal station. Skip the normal bolts/quests if you’re not certain about the train’s safety (uses up too much scarce resources / chokepoints / can’t see the path ahead of the train / train is too fast for the shortest path). Too many trains derailed due to these optional quests.
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