Unsolved Case – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This is a guide for getting all of the achievements in the game Unsolved Case.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Note: Credit goes to The Doctor


To get all the achievements you and your partner need to play as Old Dog and Ally one time each. This guide contains spoilers about the game, it’s recommended it before reading this guide to not ruin the fun.


Over, over!

  • Correctly tune the walkie-talkie

Story related, cannot be missed.


  • That’s not how it works…

In the menu before starting a game there is a walkie talkie on the desk:

  • You have to click it 100 times to get this achievements…
  • An autoclicker is really recommended.


Forklift Certified

  • Complete the forklift maze

Story related, cannot be missed.

You have to go throw the three marked location in the maze playing as Ally. You cannot unlock this achievement while playing as Old Dog.

Dropped the Ball

  • Lose 100 balls

In the puzzle with the red balls, while playing as Ally, you need to push off 100 balls.

Iron Maiden

  • Find The Number of the Beast channel

While playing as Old Dog you need to tune the televison on channel 666.

This is a reference to the music group Iron Maiden.



  • Enter the shipping container and get trapped

Story related, cannot be missed.

Wrong aim

  • Direct the laser to the wrong goal

You need to redirect the laser in your own “port”.

A job well done

  • Complete Unsolved Case Playing as Ally

Story related, cannot be missed.

I need a drink

  • Complete Unsolved Case Playing as Old Dog

Story related, cannot be missed.

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