Until We Die – Tips and Tricks

Tips, Tricks and Important Days (Seasoned Difficulty)

So this is what I’ve learned so far in no particular order:

  • No attackers on right side for first 2 days.
  • If you regularly clear growths on right side, you have no attackers at all until bridged on day 10. (This may have been changed where it stops MOST attackers)
  • Once you cross the bridge, a stalker and a worker will join. Keep that in mind so you don’t waste a trolley cycle by exceeding pop cap.
  • Trolley will not bring worker if you are above pop cap, but you can be at pop cap.
  • Growths sometimes respawns the following day or sometimes not for 2 days.
  • Night 5 has a mortar at the very end of the wave on left side, kill it with your hero or it will wreck all your walls.
  • Wave 1 (Day 7) has no attackers from right side
  • Day 8 has no attackers unless you go into fog and trigger a spawn
  • Wave 2 is on day 15. If you don’t plug left hole by then, you will get attacked from both directions. Its not clear if you have to complete it by night 15 or before the day begins.
  • Wave 2 will have at least 3 giants if you don’t clear the outer most growths in time.
  • Anna can defend left side for first 6 days almost by herself if you are good at stutter stepping with shotgun.
  • Until you have sentry guns and stalkers, your hero is by far the best wall defender. Its better to clear one side as completely as possible so your hero can focus on the other at night.
  • Replacing walls drain a lot of scrap over time. Better to reinforce the outer most wall and make sure it doesnt fall to normal waves. The flashbang perk is excellent for this reason.
  • For clearing horde #2, you should clear right side THE DAY OF and not the day before or they seem to respawn.
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